Sugar. Yes Please

Title is from Sugar by Maroon 5, who are wedding crashing with their latest music video and that was totally staged . Whatever, I love the ...
Title is from Sugar by Maroon 5, who are wedding crashing with their latest music video and that was totally staged. Whatever, I love the video.

I can't believe this, last week of January is approaching and after so many festivities in the city; New Year then Sinulog Festival here comes the month of love, which many concerts, reservations in fancy restaurants, teddy bears, pretty balloons and flowers display everywhere, ugh... that's so load of sweetness that makes me feel bitter. I can't relate for now. :)

After parties last weekend, I finally slowly back on track work after work, to run for cardio work out and some personal things I have to deal with.

If you are in a relationship for sure you're already thinking where to go with special someone and if you are single like me, for sure you have also plans where you will go on the valentine's weekend, right?

Wait, why am I talking about it already? Must because of my outfit color: RED that reminds me of heart. CHOS! Okay, for my plans, last year I traveled to surprise Dad and this year I will surprise Mom! :)

Top: Forever 21 | Blazer: Camisa | Jeans: Terranova | Shoes: 35CM | Bag: Bric's | Sunglasses: SM Accessories

Speaking of weddings, I will be attending a wedding tomorrow for Larry and Kerstine, congratulations! The first wedding of the year that I will attend, for sure. Also, congratulations to my favorite blogger Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro it's their wedding day as well! Cheers!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You look so pretty :) And I love that song! Adam Levine's voice is heaven!!
    Love, Jenny

  2. Stunning look, love this red blazer. ^^
    Have a nice Friday...

  3. So pretty gyud! :) For over six years, Valentines day was nothing more than an ordinary day. Fancy kaau for us. hahaha.

    Janine | Lime & Life

  4. good luck for surprising your mom Jewel !!


  5. wow looking good with red dear! :) hmm.. I think I'll be spending my valentines day with my baby doll. Pretty sure your mom will be surprised! :) ♥♥♥


  6. LOve the red vibe here Jewel!!! relate much sa post! hehehehe <3
    mag Valentines ko'g ako bwhahahaha jk idk pa some people are cray cray about aw pa ko idea hahaha

    love lots,

  7. Amazing lokk, I love your red blazer!!!
    Happy friday!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  8. awesome post :)

  9. Cute blazer Ate Jewel! :) Natawa ako sa feeling bitter :))) Anyway, who's your date for Valentines? :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  10. Gorgeous look hun! Hope you have a nice time at the wedding

    Rachel xx

  11. valentines can still be so much fun even if you're single. I loved going out and getting drunk and crazy with my friends before on Vday :) i love red on you btw

  12. Love this outfit! It's something I'd totally wear <3

  13. very nice outfit.
    you look gorgeous.

    I love how you choose the same color for your blazer and heels.

  14. love the red white and blue combo!!! :D so fun and chic!

    Animated Confessions

  15. Looking gorgeous! :) Love the blazer!


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