5 Reasons Why I Choose Sagada as my Destination

Sweater: Terranova | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Kicks by SM Dept Let's start the year right! My first trip adventure of the ...

Sweater: Terranova | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Kicks by SM Dept
Let's start the year right! My first trip adventure of the year is in Mountain Province. YAAY! :) My original planned was to go solo in this trip to join a group tour and be like "whatever" and "I don't care" who are inside the van, you will all be friends at the end of the trip anyway. :)

Here are the reasons why I choose Sagada as my first destination this year. 

5. The Thing Called Tadhana Movie

Have you seen the movie? I watched this movie alone a week before my travel to Sagada, Benguet and Baguio. The trailer was out late last year and when I've seen it, reminds me to go to the place because it has been on my bucket list.

Sorry no english subtitles, but when you will watch the movie, there is!

It's a big factor right now because the movie is popular for those who are heartbroken and looking for love? oh, no... not me. :P If you are planning to follow their itinerary in the movie, this is for your reference: 

Oops! so expensive, right? 

4. It's on my bucket list

We all have a "where to go" list or "things to do before you turn 30" and I am sure most of the adventurers out there this place is on your list too. :) 

3. I'm an Extrovert and I Need Space

"I need some space. I can't handle people right now." mood. After many parties when the holidays started until January for the Sinulog Festival, I was thinking about to go to a place where I can find "space and peace." Admit it, we all need to be alone sometimes. 

2. Cold Weather

Aside from being bitter sometimes, I need to experience once in a while how it feels living in a cold weather. Much closer and affordable than going to other countries. :) 

1. I Just Want to Leave Travel

I just want to be real here, I was depressed and was vulnerable to buy plane tickets to go to somewhere else, blame it to the seat sale of the airlines, but whatever I bought a normal rate ticket just to get out of here. Good thing, Carissa decided to come along with me after two days I told her that I will go to Sagada. How can I say, "no" to a traveler who also went to different places and a good photographer who you can also ask to take photos of you during the travel. :P

Instead of going out and partying and get drunk I prefer checking seat sale and ask myself where to go next. Hmm.. I already have another destination, sooo... BRB, work harder mode on again.

What are your plans this coming summer?

Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. I always wanted to travel alone, that is something I really want to do. Unfortunately, that is no longer possible. My husband will never let me, but it's ok he's a good companion so I love travelling with him. You, on the other hand enjoy yourself. I always look forward to your instagram photos because they are good. My husband and I are planning to hit Sagada too when he comes home and we need that itinerary. Thanks for sharing. He watched "That Thing Called Tadhana" and that inspired him to go to Sagada. Can't wait to find out your next destination. Enjoy and take care!

    1. YAY! You're so lucky! you only not have a husband, but also a travel buddy! :) You must visit Sagada, soon!

  2. I love this post! You pictures are wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. I've always also wanted to travel alone! It can be really scary, but it is just so so important for one's personal growth!!! I am so glad you're enjoying your getaways! :) I havent exactly watched the trailer, but would definitely be watching it right after i post this comment :) <3


  4. Amazing pics, as usual.... I just want to travel too!!!!!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  5. perfect reasons! Let's follow each other on G+ and GFC? Or also in other social media if you want?


  6. i had been reading blogs of bloggers who went to Sagada and they had awesome experience. Good luck!

  7. Wow you are so brave. I love to travel alone too. ^^


  8. Ahhh I saw your Sagada photos on IG and Facebook and I'm so jealous! Kanus-a paman tawn ko makagawas sa Cebu oi! Huhu. Haha

    Lime & Life

  9. This looks like such an amazing place to travel to! Make sure you take lots of pictures :)

    Rachel xx

  10. I can completely relate to your last reason -- sometimes I just want to leave (I mean "travel"). I just watched That Thing Called Tadhana yesterday. Cute film and I love how the ending is open-ended and you're left to formulate your own conclusions <3


  11. Great list Jewel! Sagada is beautiful! Many people visited the place because of the movie. Heard so many good reviews about the movie but I don't like Angelica P. hehehhe so glad you had a great trip Jewel! I've been aching for another solo travel this year but it seems like my job this coming May won't let me do it

    love lots,


  12. I'm a travel freak! But i never travell alone :( maybe i should try ?


  13. Awww living the life, traveling outside the city! I haven't watched the movie yet but maybe it could give us a glimpse of what Sagada is like? Haha. Either way I think I'd love to have a trip there someday! It sounds like an astonishing place to travel alone. Haha

    xo, Mimi

  14. i want to travel now :D gorgeous post
    new post on my blog, i wait you
    fashion blogger Pamela Soluri

  15. I've never travelled alone but I think I'd love too!


  16. To travel alone is on top of my bucket list. I hope I can cross it out this year. <3 Your reason #3 is my reason why I always want to leave (travel). I saw the movie last week and I envy their spontaneous trip to Sagada. I don't have any plans on summer yet but If my schedule permits, I'd love to visit Ilocos Norte and Sur. I look forward to your post about your adventures in Sagada this Summer. :)

    x, shekinahjoy.com

  17. I haven't watch the movie but I heard a lot of good feed backs about it. Great pictures, Ate! :)

    Have a nice day!


  18. I love to travel! This place sounds awesome! =)

    NEW POST on http://whattostyle.blogspot.com/


  19. I've always loved traveling alone. Sometimes it's healthy to take a break from people you know lol.


  20. Such a cool place, I can see how great it is to travel there.. love the open and big spaces :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  21. Fun! Inisip ko nga paano kung mag-isa lang mag travel, sino kukuha ng picture?! Hehe buti na lang sumama si Carissa :)

    Good job girl, may na cross out ka na sa iyong bucket list and you had fun doing it :)

  22. I always wanted to travel alone...pero puro plano hahaha! coz at the end my bro will always say di mo kaya...ikaw pa sa dami mo dala plus the laziness! hahaha... yes im guilty with it. so ayan lagi ko sya kasama sa ganap ko.

    Gusto ko rin 2 ma visit tagal na then when I watched the movie my innerself is telling me to push through but I was keeping it to myself then suddenly I had a met up with my long long friend that most of our circle friends knows that we both like each othr pero denial pa kami..hahaha...so he invited me pero with a lot of rules...ang dami kalowka sya....the only thing I say you have to met my shed sabi naman sure just let me know and this would be our first time trip..so takot akey....hahaha! ang dam I kung sinabi noh!

  23. I too want to travel alone and will definitely make it come true someday! You look so gorgeous in these pics and seems like enjoying a lot! Really great pics <3

    Happy Weekend


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