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I got an invitation from Cebu Team Building Services to join their first international participants or students from an international ...

I got an invitation from Cebu Team Building Services to join their first international participants or students from an international school in Shenzhen, China few weeks ago. 

Let me share you what is Cebu Team Building

Committed to helping organizations in Cebu develop highly competitive and optimally performing teams, Cebu Team Building Services is a network of team development facilitators bonded by a shared passion for facilitating corporate team building services utilizing fun-filled, adventure-based and game-based experiential learning team activities as a medium. (read more)

CTB prepared a great weekend adventure to the participants, the itinerary was kind of hectic travel from South to North part of Cebu and you need energy for a fun filled day!

Oslob Whaleshark Watching

Lunch at Lagunde Hotel Resort

Love this view! :)

We skipped the Tumalog Falls, so after lunch we went to North part of Cebu with two hours and 30 minutes drive. 

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon 

New attraction and acitvity: Wake boarding! 

Students love to try their Zip Line! 

Everyone was challenge by wall climbing.

View from the other side of the zip line.

The next day their activity is more on swimming and team building.

Island Hopping in Cebu - Boyla 

Pretty girls :)


Having fun!

They had fun with their snorkeling activity.

Meet Jeanne. My partner and travel buddy the whole weekend. 

and I wore leggings for the reason, i don't know. lol!

Best Western Cebu Sand Bar Resort 

The Cebu Team Building facilitators conducted their games and discussions in this resort. We had our lunch first before their team building activity started. They let the students played the Filipino Games such as Sipa / Takyan, Pass the Ball, Luksong-Tinik and Basagan ng Palayok (Hit the Pot) read more about Traditional Games in the Philippines

Playing takyan

In every after game, they discussed how they felt about following the game mechanics and best part is facilitators taught the kids how to relate it in real life situations that they can encounter.

Pass the ball.

Luksong Tinik

Basagan ng Palayok (Hit the Pot)

I really had a blast weekend!

It was nice to meet and spent the weekend with this group from Shenzhen, China!

Thank you, Cebu Team Building Services for this wonderful experience. Definitely one for the books this summer 2015! 

Cebu Team Building Services


  1. This is awesome! What a great experience <3


  2. So cool Jewel! never heard of them pa pero nice kaayo ila advocacy! so glad you had a great experience with them Jewel!!!

    love lots,


  3. You are always busy with travelling! I'm so jealous!! C: Btw your pictures are beautiful as well!

  4. awesome experience Jewel !!
    really want to see the whale shark too !!


  5. Your pictures are so fun! Looks like an amazing time!
    melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. Oh I love it your pics
    Thanks for share these fabolous pics about yout trip


  7. Even if a single person in a team is not doing her/his job like they are supposed, it damages the integrity of them team which will then affect all the members of the team alike. So fun team building activities for work should be incorporated into the work routine at regular intervals.


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