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My best friend who is living in our hometown will get married this month. I was totally happy when I found out that they will have it this ...
My best friend who is living in our hometown will get married this month. I was totally happy when I found out that they will have it this April. What a perfect timing to go home for a wedding and vacation in our hometown. Late last year, she asked me if I have any ideas on evening dresses for her mother. I didn't searched about it, as I found beautiful evening dresses in weddingshe.com 

I shared it to her right away and she love the way it as she wants her mom as sexy mother of the bride look. 

Here are the top three picks:

Their motif is blue and red, yes looks like there will be a royal wedding! My first choice is classic and lovely, I have a thing for lace lately when I went to this all-white party last month.

Sexy Knee-Length Trumpet/Mermaid Lace Mother of the Bride Dre
These two are perfect for sexy mother of the bride because of the blazer and for sure perfect for her conservative mother. 
Elegant A-Line Floor-Length Purple Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

We all know that when it comes to wedding, the people also set their eyes on mother after the bride. I agree on mothers should wear sexy dresses as they send ring for the bride.

Attractive Beaded Sheath Strapless Floor-Length Mother of the Bride Dresses

You can all check weddingshe.com for their gorgeous wedding evening dresses. They have elegant designs that are for different body shapes and sizes. All of us have different thoughts when we say, "sexy evening dress" that is why weddingshe have wide range of simple and comfortable wedding dresses that can suit all of your requirement. From fabulous designs and style it would be perfect for the special day for the bride and for the mother too!

They also have seasonal collection and help clients to choose fabric for their comfort, body, height, colour and like I have said, season. 

Visit WeddingShe.com for more designs!


  1. Oh very beautiful dresses


  2. I love the 1st look
    So simple and classy

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. So many pretty dresses!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. One of my favorite pastimes is hunting for my future wedding dress. I'm checking the site out just in case I might have my future wedding dress there :P

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

  5. love the first dress :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  6. The food and service at this place were spectacular. I was at amazing Las Vegas Weddings here recently. The event was outdoors along the water and against a beautiful sunset. As the party moved indoors, I was struck by the decor.


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