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Some of my friends know that I am into Yoga and Muay Thai (so they are calling me brutal Jewel sometimes). I am also make time to run at th...
Some of my friends know that I am into Yoga and Muay Thai (so they are calling me brutal Jewel sometimes). I am also make time to run at the nearest park at home every afternoon or after my 30 minutes nap. That was before when my schedules are still manageable or when I was on track.

Not when my schedules between personal life and work became so tight that I couldn't run in the afternoon or attend yoga or muay thai in the weekends. Sigh. Plus my upcoming Boracay summer trip made me feel so pressure.  Excuse my morning face.

When April started, I got also started packing my things and unpack and packing my things again because I had series of travel. After I went to Southern Leyte, Surigao and Siargao Island, I went back to Cebu only for few days then pack my things again for my next trip. 

I didn't waste my time since I can only do basic stretching and abs core work out (thanks to youtube videos) but I need a short program that can burn some belly fats.

Here's my photo before my juicing. 
Blame it to the big servings of food in Siargao Island. 

Tummy Trimmer Program

The Body Juicery is so perfect! They recommended their 3-day Tummy Trimmer program.

The tummy trimmer program is perfect for:

  • those who want to lose belly fat
  • those who desire to change their bad eating habits
  • those who want to reduce unhealthy food cravings

Tummy Trimmers Flavors are:

Spice Punch (apple, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber)
Summer Mint (Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, Mint)
Curve Me
Sugar Knock-Down
Sexy Shooter

Two of my favorites!

Focus and Determination

When you work out there's "No pain, No gain" in doing juicing for three days, you have to prepare your mind and your body to focus on the program because you will not eat any solid or cooked food. I ate fruits as alternative whenever I feel hungry.

I swear it was not easy to take the program, but I was I want to wear the swimsuits I bought for my trip, I was able to make it! Wohooo!

I wore this highwaist bikini bottom, but decided to change it into something sexy because I am confident to show it off. (Kahit paano... HAHAHA) You can read my post about LaBoracay2015 here.

Swimwear: Sassa Swimwear 
I lost 2 kilos and my tummy was so light! :D 

Summer indicator, uneven skintone is real. 

Thank you, The Body Juicery! xx

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  1. Waaaaah thank you for this Jewel!!!! I will surely try this kay awa ang results oh! Effective kaayo! Super sexy kaayo ka! :) ♥


  2. Those juices look great!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. Yuuuuumie! I would love to try them out!


  4. Lumiit nga chunny mo ha.. Magkano program if I may ask?

  5. Ayy oo nga! Effective. Gusto ko din i-try!!! Do you still work-outs while drinking these?

    Win any top of your choice from Banggood on my blog!


  6. Wooh ang sexy nman! The juice sounds delicious. :)


  7. You look absolutely stunning. Very beautiful.  Leona Hynes


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