Move Like No Other - The Yamaha Tricity

The Yamaha Tricity was conceptualized with the idea of it being “Smart for All”, a creation that was in pursuit of “Refined Dynamis...

The Yamaha Tricity was conceptualized with the idea of it being “Smart for All”, a creation that was in pursuit of “Refined Dynamism”, Yamaha’s own design philosophy. The design elements of the machine reflect its modernity and elegance, giving an impression of dynamic movement, a look of confident intelligence that beautifully envelops the rider. The feature point of this New Commuter Vehicle is the LMW mechanism or Leaning Multi Wheel, a mechanism that allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans. Its function is perfected because of the harmonious integration of 2 key systems.

• A PARALLELOGRAM LINK, a system that allows the parallel leaning of two front wheels and separate functioning of independent suspensions. 

• and a CANTILEVERED TELESCOPIC SUSPENSION for the two front wheels with unique machine dimensions and geometry. 

• It also has a UNIFIED BRAKING SYSTEM (UBS). When the rear brake lever is applied, force is administered to the front two discs and single rear disc. 

• It has a displacement of 125 cc and is available in all 3s shops nationwide with the suggested retail price of PHP 146,000 and comes in matte red or white.

Experience a whole new level of enjoyment with the Yamaha Tricity, an innovation that gives convenience and fulfillment; surpassing the standards of style, performance, and technological breakthrough.  Welcome to Yamaha’s ever growing World of personal mobility.

Some photos from their Grand Test Drive at SM City Cebu

with Gerald Anderson

and with Gretchen Fullido

Visit their website: http://yamaha-motor.com/

Thank you Campaigns and Grey Cebu
for the invitation.


  1. I actually saw this event live on ASAP weeks ago and when I went on Facebook, I saw your photos with Gerald Anderson and I was like, "Waaah naa si Jewel diay didto! Si Gerald!!!" Hahaha. Swerte-a kaayo! :D


    1. Hello Janine! Timing lang, last one to have a photo opt with him. :D

  2. Wish I knew how to ride one! Haha <3 I met Gerald before when I was in Thailand too!


    1. Whoaaa! this is a scooter so easy to drive, but I am not sure maybe heavy on us, slim! :D

  3. Looks like a really cool bike!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. This is considered as the baby FZ that has caused an outbreak of movement at Yamaha showrooms, buyers lining up all over India to take one home. The bike has got all the latest technology features that the customer looks for. motorcycle shipping


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