Photo Diary: Siargao Island Trip 2015

Excuse my fats... Photo by Hendrix We arrived in the afternoon perfect for sunset session at the island. My friend, Harvey and his...

Excuse my fats...
Photo by Hendrix

We arrived in the afternoon perfect for sunset session at the island. My friend, Harvey and his wife Kai organized our trip such as the van transfers, accommodation and what to-do in the island. Thanks, Siargao Travels! As all of us are first timers (except Hendrix who is hometown is Surigao). We were so excited to see the Cloud 9 and how the boardwalk looks like in person. YEY!

Point 303 Beach Resort

This is the place where we stayed. I must say that this is a perfect location if you want to walk with less than a minute to Cloud 9 board walk.

Our room is perfect for barkada or family group. Two single beds and one queen size bed. :)

They have big serving meals that you can share for sure.

Location is perfect. It's near the cloud 9, just across the street less than a minute! :) 

Cafe Loka

Some of my friends on social media mentioned this Cafe and I couldn't help but to order something to eat because I haven't eaten anything since my travel from Hinunangan - Liloan - Surigao travel.

My first meal in the island

Tuna Melt

Island Hopping! 

Docking station is located in the proper town of General Luna also know as GL. We went to two beautiful islands with crystal clear water. 

Naked Island

Truly naked island!

The crew photo by www.chingsadaya.com

Jab, Nicole, Jewel, Hendrix, Marco

Daku Island

I asked Ching to take photo of me swimming in Daku Island. I was expecting for half shot, but that was really hard to achieved!

Sunset in Siargao Island

Picture perfect is what I can describe the sunset session in the island. You will be amazed if you will see it in personal.

Caught in the act doing selfie sunset session.
Photo by Hendrix

Sunset surfboard session is also awesome! (more photos soon)

Chill and Jungle Party!

Chillin' with the whole crew

Jungle party with the foreigners, locals, and tourists. 

First time to ride a small aircraft. Whew, they will also ask for your weight to make sure that aircraft is not over loading. So I was excited to take a photo of it. :) 

Until next time, Siargao Island. I will definitely come back again!

P.S. Internet is really slow in my hometown right now. I am currently attending our Alumni Homecoming because it's already ten years! Plus the weather is sick, it is always raining. :( Summer so lost.

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  1. Great pics Jewel!! Love the sceninc shots! Siargao is a really good place to visit.
    Hope I can visit it someday hehehee

    love lots,


  2. Makalagot kay makasuya kaayo! HAHAHA. Isulod kos imong bag Jewel para makakuyog ko! Hahaha


  3. Oh wow!Siargao is so beautiful and so are you!! hehe.. I agree the sunset looks stunning, I would love to see it in real life. :)


  4. love it :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  5. The water is so clean! WOW!!! <333 Great travel diary :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  6. Habang umuualan dito sa kabundukan ng Antipolo, super sunny ng pictures mo! Super love it! I have been to Siargao once and it is really worth visiting again :)

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  7. Beautiful pics! Looks like a really nice place :)
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on:
    www.cherryblossomstreet.com - Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

  8. Ganda mo dun sa first pic tas sa lumalanguy. Lakas maka sirena.. napaka candid.


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