Soul Surfing in Siargao Island

"Learn How To Surf" - Is this on your bucket-list too? I was so lucky to be with the people who have the same goals in life ...

"Learn How To Surf" - Is this on your bucket-list too? I was so lucky to be with the people who have the same goals in life - to experience Siargao Island and to learn how to surf. I guess, I fell in love with both experiences. I know my travel diary to Siargao Island from our hometown was all worth it!

We arrived at the island in the afternoon and we just watched people who are having surfing lesson during sunset time. Looks like the struggle was real for first timers, then to find out how difficult it is for beginners, we decided to have our surfing session in the morning as early as 7AM!

How much? 

It will cost you PHP500/hr with instructor and board. Oh well, not a bad rate, all of their instructors have licensed and professionals. They also have other options such as rent a board unlimited or per day if you already had at least three to four sessions of surfing lessons, they will allow you to surf alone. For beginners, of course its given that you need a guidance from instructor.

Finally sharing my soul surfing experience to you. 

Warning: Photos loading in 3...2..1 

What's good about this session is that Hendrix volunteered to take photos and videos of us while we are doing our surfing lesson and the photos turned out so cool! He was at the boardwalk and took best shots to all of us. 

On our way to the surfing site we have to walk through the boardwalk as you can see above photo. I was with Ching and her sister Nicole. 

Basic Instructions

Before you start, they will give you some basic instructions: proper paddling, how to stand up, and balance. If you know how to do planking or push-up or cobra inhale in yoga, it will be easier for you to stand on board. I can stand up and balance using my right leg in front and left leg at the back. You will see more in the photos below. 

My instructor, Alvin teaching me how to paddle.

After few sequences of paddle, push-up, stand, I was so ready to hit the water!

Here we go!

Obviously, I fell so many times as a beginner after I stand and can't balance HAHAHA! 

You know the next sequence of this photo..

Distance is Important
(for beginners)

Nicole and I had a minor accident when our boards collide and my board hit her ankle or shin, then we both fell so hard that we hit our feet on the corals and rocks. Make sure to inform your instructor to have distance to others to avoid this minor accident. We both had cut on our toes. It was prickly because of the saltwater, but we still managed to surf again and have fun.

For less than an hour, you can stand, balance and had "just to get wet" ,"got a few" and "good for what it is" in surfing made me so happy! (*surfing terms here)


If you are active into fitness work out or any activities like me, Muay Thai, Yoga and Running, you will never have a problem with strength and some breathing and you will not feel body pain the next day!

This is my favorite shot. My last ride or last wave before calling it a day. 

After surfing lesson, look how tired and happy we are.
We were all wearing rash guard and look at Nicole, she's so sexy.

Nicole, Jewel, Ching

With our photographer Hendrix! 
Thank you so much for taking our photos.

The trio in Siargao: 

Going back to our room at Point 303 Beach Cloud 9 Resort and walked like I don't have a cut. We were getting ready to have our island hopping, I will blog about it soon.

Overall, learning surfing is fun! 

I had bruises as you can see in this photo right knee, the next day all of them turned into color violet (I don't know the term of it) and really hurts, I also got bruised on my ribs area and scratches on my elbows and the cut on my left toe due to minor accident. I am not discouraging you not to do surfing, in fact these are remembrance and proof that you had fun and learned. 

PS: Isn't this golden retriever dog name Pilsen so adorable? I can't help it and asked Ching to take photo of us. Dogs at Siargao island are friendly too! This photo is taken when we were going to our sunset surfing session. Surf pa more! (more photos soon)

If this is also on your bucket list, go surf now! Who said summer is over? Summer is forever!

Thank you,  Siargao Travels for arranging our trip!
(van transfers and room accommodation w/ breakfast)
you can like them on:

Have a great day everyone!xx

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  1. That looks so fun! I wanna go surfing someday :)

    Dear, your look is gorgeous!


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  2. aww you and Pilsen look so cute together hehehe :) looks like fun times!!


  3. I love these pictures!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. Wow!!so amazing Jewel!! someday I would love to try surfing too!!! and Siargao is one of the best places in the Philippines to try it!

    love lots,


  5. Amazing pics, as usual and great experience.... I would like to learne to surf!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Amazing pictures. xx

  7. Fun! Photos are awesome as per usual! I haven't tried surfing and I don't know if i want too. Maybe I'm not as adventurous as you.:)


  8. This looks amazing - lovely photos!!!! :)

    Layla xx

  9. I love to try surfing too.
    I love the photos, makes me want to deep in water

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  10. look absolutely beautiful and surfing magnificent
    have a nice day darling

  11. Surfing is on the top of my wishlist to the next summer


  12. Oooh it looks like so much fun!! Great photo's! X


  13. Aww i enjoyed reading this post Jewel! Love all your photos and Pilsen is so adorable!!!!


  14. Great blog, looks really fun, I would love to try learning surf boarding one day :) If I ever have the guts and courage to try it.

    Aimee Bustillo | http://aimeebustillo.blogspot.com/

  15. Nice blog! May I know what camera did you use on your photos?

  16. Well if you want to surf with more power, more flow and better technique I recommend that you give it a go. surf charters banyak islands

  17. Wow siargao island is great, when I visited there last year I can realize why it's called the surfing capital of the philippines.


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