Luxurious Boholiday at The Bellevue Resort Bohol

My first time to visit Bohol was in year summer 2013 and that was a spontaneous decision that I did not regret. Then followed by last...

My first time to visit Bohol was in year summer 2013 and that was a spontaneous decision that I did not regret. Then followed by last year Bohol Tour 2014 in November with my friends. I am very consistent with this, how can I say no to Bohol? Cmon! Same as my previous posts about Bohol, here's another long photo diary of my luxurious weekend at The Bellevue Resort. 

It was a pleasure to stay at the Five-Star -  The Bellevue Resort Hotel and Resort for a weekend. I had a very relaxing and delightful stay in the resort that truly one for the books.

Let me share you my awesome experience:Photos loading in 3...2...1

So happy to spend it with my friends from Cebu! When we arrived we can't help but to smile and felt that this is going to be an exciting weekend with full of activities. Boholiday it is!

Deluxe Room with Ocean View

They have 159 guestrooms. They have Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Premiere Suite, Bellevue Suite, Presidential Suite and Chairman's Suite. This is how my room looks like featuring my travel pillow:

I gasp when I went inside my room for a weekend. This is so lovely! 

I don't mind working in long hours if this is my work desk, but I think I cannot concentrate working here. Teehee

They have brochures and information prepared to your desk, oh-ha! That's why I know the types of their rooms. 



Of course, I enjoyed taking a dip on their bathtub. :D



I can't help but jumped on to bed, but I have to leave the room because we have our countryside tour. 

Perfect spot for coffee in the morning

The view from my balcony, hello coconut tree! I'm in love with the coco. HAHAHA

I love how they put a bamboo stick where I can hang my wet clothes and towels.

Hotel Facilities and Features

My weekend buddies and neighbors at the hotel. I knocked on their respective rooms to check out the place.

Marco of www.lamikaayo.com , Jewel, Carissa and Neil of www.islandtrotters.com 
Photo by: Marco
Whoaaa! We love everything in here.,

Some photos by: Gerald James Photography 
Thank you, The Bellevue Hotel and Resort for sharing these photos.

This spot:

The Bellevue Hotel and Resort welcome necklace when you arrived

They have Islands and More of Islands Souvenirs inside where you can buy your needs in the island, you don't have to worry if you forgot to bring swimwear or waterproof bag and many more. 

They have a place for billiards located in Marea Sports Bar. I miss playing billiards with friends.

You can also have your Henna Tattoo here.

YES! for infinity pool

Food and Beverages

The resort have three restaurants and bar these are Lamian Restaurant, Marea Al Fresco Dining and Flujo Bar and Lounge that I missed out because I was so tired from our countryside trip and didn't have a chance to grab a drink. 

Marea Restaurant

This is located near the infinity pool. They serves International Al Fresco dining that serves Ala carte. 

Spotted Carissa and Neil dating, ayyeee!

Complimentary hot bread with coconut and sweet and sour spread while waiting for our food. Yum!

Our first day lunch together. 

Chicken with mushroom

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Peppered Tuna and Anchovies Pizza

Our lunch on our second day, we went to Balicasag Island for snorkeling activity and we enjoyed the sanctuary and back to hotel past 12 noon. We were all starving. 

The Bellevue Salad

Ribs. So sweet!

I was so tired and I don't have any idea what to eat, so I asked them what they recommend and tadaaaah! Forgot the whole name, but this is spicy rice with chicken on top and malunggay on the side. So delicious, I swear.

Pineapple shake perfect for sunny weather.

Lamian Restaurant

They serves international and local dishes. Spell B-U-F-F-E-T! 

Breakfast buffet. 

My breakfast the next day! They have "egg of the day" and that day they served "ham and cheese omelet" so yummy!


Dinner Buffet after our countryside tour

Countryside Tour 

When my first Bohol Tour everything was first time for me, obviously. BUT I missed to visit Python and Butterfly Conservatory. So when I went there last year for the second time, I visited Python to take it out of my bucketlist. This time, I had a chance to visit Butterflies! Even if its my third time here, I still have first time to dos. Oh-ha, exciting! 

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

Amazing! I looked scared. 

Mandatory shot, love it :)

 They have ice creaaam, this is cheese flavor, delicious! 

Tarsier Conservation Area

Tarsier. Where I can't take a good photo because lens is just x4 zoom.

Chocolate Hills

Hello from Chocolate Hills, we meet again :)

 Carissa's first time in Bohol and she was so happy to see in person the Chocolate hills! Look at her smile! :D 
Jewel, Carissa, Marco and Neil | Photo by: Marco
After our tour and dinner, time to relax! I pampered myself with their relaxing Swedish massage at their Azure Spa. I did't brought my camera, I love how their spa's ambiance very relaxing. 

I had a good night sleep.

Island Hopping and Water Sports Activities 

I woke up early in the morning before our call time for our island hopping in Balicasag Island. Staying in their rooms and do nothing is good, but it will be more awesome if you will try the activities they have in the resort!

Infinity Pool

Hooray for infinity pool! Perfect alternative where to swim if its low tide in the morning. 

Group shot! 

Island Hopping

Time for island hopping! Our itinerary was Balicasag Island, Virgin Island and Turtles Point. We spent most of our time in Balicasag Island, I can't wait to blog about it soon. 

Balicasag Island  

Photographer, Gerald of www.geraldjamescabal.com was taking photos of me in a different angle because I can't dare to take off my life jacket. Another first time in the island was to do snorkeling in a deep water with big fishes, beautiful corals, colorful clamps and turtles, truly amazing! 

Photos by www.islandtrotters.com thank you! :)

A memorable weekend!

I am a budget traveler, but we have to at least have a luxurious vacation break from work to reward ourselves for a perfect getaway, this 5-star hotel and resort is worth every cents! The comfort and delightful stay is definitely memorable! Tip: You can always ask for discount for their packages! :)

Thank you so much, The Bellevue Resort Bohol for having me!

Cheers for Boholiday!

The Bellevue Resort
Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines 6340
Telephone: (6338) 422-2222
Fax: (6338) 422-2202
Email: info@thebellevuebohol.com

Like their Facebook Page for more exciting promos and discounts all year round:

Have a great day everyone!xx

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  1. Waw this look like you had an amazing trip ! love the pictures, good job !


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  5. when i scrolled down at your post aw's like "emegerd". Relaxing place, FOOOODDD!!! may gully, pool and the beach! It's truly worth the vacay!:)

  6. That was one amazing trip in Bohol and the hotel where you stayed was awesome!

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  7. Wow, so beautiful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

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  10. The place looks so incredible.
    I love the view over the beach.
    The foods looks delicious too.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  11. Hello Jewel!
    Naks! lakas maka-yaman ng place.
    Super ganda ng hotel saka ng entire resort :)
    The tarsier looks really cute saka yung magnificent chocolate hills!

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    - Audrey Allure


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