Photo Diary: Cebu Blogging Community First Year Anniversary

I decided to create a blog because Flickr that time was only allowed 200 photos to upload for free account and you have to pay monthl...

I decided to create a blog because Flickr that time was only allowed 200 photos to upload for free account and you have to pay monthly for unlimited uploads. Basically, my Flickr is my first instagram version where I post the photos that I want to share. 

Back to the party, I mentioned how I become one of the members of this active community on our first ever meet up (add link). I can't believe that it's their First Anniversary of the community our theme is the best because we have to wear black! :) 

A very last minute decision of what to wear (what's new? I always do that... *talking to myself) anyway, I am so happy to see them again in person, I met some of them if I attend events here in Cebu, but I am so happy to see all of the bloggers and had a chance to interact with them in one place! Oh, I love gatherings.

Happy First Anniversary cake! :) 

Fun games! 

Picture, picture!

This event made possible with our great sponsors:

Thank you so much Yamba for the very generous gesture you gave Cebu Blogging Community!


Look at the prizes!

Oopps, the signage turned upside down as I enjoyed watching movies until 3AM with HOOQ. I am so hooked! They have free trial for 30 days and you can subscribe per month for very affordable rates. 

Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts

all so yummy!


Photo Grabbed from: Janine of ablissfulofblog.com

Shout out to Janine as my buddy for the night. Non-stop chika and sharing our blogging tips to each other. Hope to hangout with you soon? Food trip, maybe!

Photos from Jeph of www.kiatcebu.com 

Of course, how can you not be surprised?! The last time I saw Cat Trivino was in Boracay this summer, so I was happy to see her again. Hey, Loves!

I'm happy to joined this blogging community here in Cebu, I gained new friends and inspiration when it comes to updating my blog, gosh, most of them are so active.

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Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I wish I live in Cebu. You guys look like you had so much fun! I love your outfit by the way! :)



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