GNO: Top 5 EDM Clubs in Philippines 2015

Like after (counting on my fingers) few months, finally an update for my Girls Night Out segment. I was two weeks in Manila months ago. Th...
Like after (counting on my fingers) few months, finally an update for my Girls Night Out segment. I was two weeks in Manila months ago. The impact of not booking my return ticket was awesome. One of the perks if you are working as a freelancer. Go work hard and play harder! My "summer never ends" mood was real.

When Pulse Radio posted the Philippines Top 5 EDM Clubs, I gasp when I read it because I've been to all of them, amazing! HAHA Maybe I just don't mind. It was a perfect week to go straight night out with my friend, Cathryn.

Valkyrie at The Palace

My first time I went here last December 2014 for our (traditional) year end party with friends. Last May, it was a perfect timing when I arrived Wednesday in Manila for DJ Snake! He was the mixed DJ of Get Low one of the soundtracks in Fast and Furious 7. He was wearing his sunglasses the entire time as his trademark and still looking good.

The crowd. We were in front on the left.

First time to taste Smirnoff Mule with Ginger Extract :)

My babe, Cathryn! :)

I also met her friend, Coco! 

MC Aoh, DJ Mars Miranda, MC Roda King 

excuse Cathryn for being blurred. :D 

For an update:

I ended my last weekend of July with friends at the Valkyrie, I always have a great time in Manila. Tadaaah! our one and only group picture in my phone. 

Seph, Jewel, Eric, Cath and Benedict


This club is located inside the building at the 8th floor of W Global Center, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City near the Valkyrie. The club is not that big, but they are currently under renovation this month for new interiors, I will definitely check this out when I come back in Manila. 

We went there for the international DJ Dayro, wohooo, great Thursday night! I was surprised his supporters with banners were there to support him. I was in front to see him spin. I had fun with Cathryn of course. 

Photos from Art Oca uploaded to Hyve's Facebook page.

with Charlie!

DJ Dayro

The Palace Pool Club

New place to chill where pool party in the city is now possible. It was Friday when they opened the Palace Pool Club to all. Great place to chill and perfect to go there in your beach outfit. Spell dress down. If you want to transfer to Valkyrie in the same location, you have to dress up again. Visit their facebook page for their upcoming events.


Arm band!

Chaos Manila

Saturday - friends were free on weekend! Chaos Manila is located in City of Dreams Manila. We met in the condo and before we leave, group photo first! We were disappointed on not giving our exact ordered bottle of drink that night, but still we managed to have fun! 

Tadaaah! There was a UFC Fight Night event that time and had a chance to met the UFC fighters on the dance floor.

I love their interior.

I can't resist it, I asked Seph to take a photo of me. :D 

We went home as early as 6:30AM :) 

Hello sunrise! Ouch, my eyes!

You can visit www.chaosmanila.com and fb.com/ChaosManila for upcoming events.

Liv Super Club

Not the first time to have a "Girls Night Out" post of Liv Super Club on my blog and also Farewell Party with the boss. I spent my first weekend of July when my friend Tinay had her vacation here in the Philippines from the U.S. with her family. She saw my posts about this club and she wanted to have gathering here with her friends and her brother's friends. Visit their facebook page for upcoming events. This is in Cebu, by the way. :)
After two months of waiting, we've finally seen each other again. 

The last time we saw each other was two years ago.

Jewel, Tinay, Shiela

Literally GNO (hello, pretty ladies!)

I dragged Tinay on stage because why not! 

Love this candid photo from Shiela. 

In case you don't like EDM Clubs, 71 Gramercy is perfect to chill and enjoy the city lights while having a conversation while drinking coffee or black mojitos. 

The latest I went up here is last weekend in July, spent it with my friend Pierre.

I hope you like this post. 

Have a great day everyone! 

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  2. Those are some great EDM clubs. I'd surely visit them next time around

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  3. Such a great photos. Hope you had a great time , it looks like you did :D

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  4. Ahh, it's been ages since I last went to a party (lola na ba ako!!) haha your post just made me realize that I want to go out with friends soon!!


  5. Huwaaaw! Ikaw na Jewel! Haha. Honestly, I have NEVER been to any bar or club so wala gyud koy alam aning mga ingon ani. Haha! I wonder kanus-a ko makadare og sulod even just once para makaexperience lang! :)))

    xx, J

    1. I think you should try one of these days with your girlfriends! :) xx

  6. I like your blog!

  7. You had a blast! You have great outfit but my favorite is the black and white dress you wore in Chaos! Enjoy life Jewel and stay fab!


  8. It could be a good suggestio if one day I visit Philipines :)


  9. The pool club looks amazing. You look gorgeous in all the photos.


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