Haler, Baler Aurora!

A big round of applause for Photo Travel Diary and my FIRST SOLO TRIP! :) "We are here!"  shout by our driver and tour guide...
A big round of applause for Photo Travel Diary and my FIRST SOLO TRIP! :)

"We are here!" shout by our driver and tour guide Joe.
We arrived as early as six in the morning, that was fast.

Here's the map. :)

The moment I step out of the van to have some stretching and was still yawning, I saw this signage that poked me to wake up and said, "Haler, Baler!!"

Before the trip:

It was a great feeling to be in  pick up point in McDonald's Mindanao Avenue Edsa branch again I remember my Sagada trip. I had a very long Friday night. I was tired and got stuck with Makati traffic, while rushing to our mini reunion with my batch-mates and childhood friends in grade school, kissed Mom before I left and was sober while looking for the van and the driver. It was almost 12 midnight then. I was so excited for another long road trip, but really all I want was to rest and sleep for the entire trip.

I transferred to front seat when we started our tour. 

Solo Traveler, but not forever

I was surprised! We were only seven girls inside the van and for the entire trip! It was so awesome! :) Okay, I want to be honest here: we were "seven" meaning I was the only solo and no friend with me. (sync sad song...) I invited some of my friends to join me, unfortunately no one can, so I moved on with my life and pursue this dream trip. I just want to experience to surf in Baler, that's all.

The first group photo of us, when our driver Kuya Joe asked us to pose. Oh-ha! Look how beautiful are these girls. :)

From left to right: Yvan and Teresa from Pampanga, Princess and Mitch from Quezon City and Raffy and Steph my new fave couple and from Manila. :) Okay, still out of place because I'm all the way from Cebu, but grew up in Manila. 

We started with throwing jokes to Kuya Joe and throwing some "hugot" lines and sharing same sentiments. Here's the itinerary of our trip: 

Ermita Hills

Panoramic view of Sabang Beach, Pacific Ocean, White Cross 

Diguist Beach (Diguisit Rock Formation / Cobra Reef) 

You can see these on the road all you have to do is to pull over and take photos, yay!

Isn't great to travel with friends? Picture perfect. :) 

Dicasalarin Cove

Our tour guide dare us not to say, "wow!" when we will see the place. Unfortunately, we were failed.

This trip is optional. We all said, "yes!" and we didn't regret it, the place is so captivating and beautiful like "whooaa!" all you want to do is just stare and enjoy it! 

Self-timer. Everyone was so busy taking photos too. :)

I can't wait to share more photos of this place. :) I will blog about this soon.

Lunch at Yolly's 

We had our lunch at Yolly's we were all starving so I don't have a photo of our food. :) This is a self-service restaurant located in their proper town. 

Carlito's Inn

After we had our lunch, Kuya Joe sent us to our respective inn's. Theresa and Yvan and I are in the same place while the rest are staying to other inn located in proper town. 

Hello Room 101! 

Selfie after power nap while waiting for our Van for our next itinerary. 
and yes, I lost my earrings somewhere in the room. Ugh.

Clean and comfy, but you know you will not stay the entire day in a room.

and of course, I had a one bottle, I cannot break my habit of cheers for the night. Since I was solo, I was just inside my room and watching Master Chef! :) 

Museo de Baler 

Off to Museo de Baler at 3PM :)

Manuel L. Quezon 

Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House 

Snacks! Ice cream sandwich. 

So many good old books! 

Baler Church and Plaza 

Surfing in Sabang Beach

The highlight of my day! Wohooo! So happy that the girls also tried to surfed. I told them that it is so easy, fun and exciting that they should really try it since we are already in Baler. We arrived sunset sesh, I was afraid to missed out the sun and will turn into high tide. 

According to them, I surfed for almost 2 hours! Whaaat?! I didn't notice the time because I was having fun. I am so grateful to have my first surfing lesson in Siargao Island, the best! I am still looking forward to go back to Siargao Island again.

Ditumabo Falls, San Luis, Aurora

The next day we had early check out and breakfast, then we proceed to San Luis Aurora for the adventure! I can't wait to see the Ditumabo Falls. The latest hiked and trekked was in Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada which was the hardest. Wow! :) We had a 1.8 KM walk reminds me of Kabigan Falls in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. We don't mind since I love adventure, the girls were so game about it too.

Photo shoot before hiking.

On our way to the falls.

Ditumabo Mother Falls! :) 

Here's the Ditumabo Baby Falls. 

Meet the Baler crew, we have a lot in common:
  • We booked our trip within the week. 
  • Four of us have braces.
  • Mahilig mag-hugot lines.
  • We need to distressed. 
  • and too many to mention,
Advantage is that someone can take photos of you and in return you can take photos of them.

Old Balete Tree (Millenium Tree in Asia) 

After our falls, which we were very tired and had no time for lunch, our last stop was this Old Balete Tree Park. My energy was so low, but the photographer and guide was so energetic and asked me to do a lot of posed. Thanks, I love them. 

Inside the Balete Tree

Going alone for a trip was a best decision ever! I met new people that turned out to be my friends.

I miss you all!

Thank you Klick Destination Travel and Tours for accepting my last minute booking and accepting me as a solo traveler. I like the way they organized the trip.  We had fun and enjoyed the trip.

You can check their travel and tours:

Now planning for my next solo adventure!

Have a great day!

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  1. Made me miss Baler and go back! :) I wanna try solo backpacking but I still haven't found the courage. Well, technically, I've been to Bohol by myself but everything was still pre-arranged, so I'm not sure if that would count. Hehe. :)

    Wonderful photos as always, Jewel!

  2. Ang saya naman ng solo trip! Loads of new places and you made new friends :) Grabe lang ang balete tree ha, pwede na lagyan ng condo sa loob :)

    Super fun, I want to visit Haler Baler too! :)

    1. so true! nainspired naman kasi ako sa solo trip mo. :P pwede na talaga mag condo sa loob ng balete :D Gora na! xx

  3. Wow! I don't know if I can but I want to try travelling solo too and find new friends on my trip. You're cool! :)

    Have a nice day!


  4. Wow! This is so impressive Ma'am. A BIG THANK YOU for showing your appreciation of our tour. We are fortunate that you considered our travel agency to assist your Baler tour and luckily, everything turned out to be such a memorable and enjoyable one. Until next time Ms. Jewel.Looking forward for more of your upcoming trips and blogs.

    1. YAY! Glad you like my post, keep up the good work! Looking forward for my future trips with you guys. :)

  5. This looks like a lot of fun!! Great pictures!

  6. lovely photo diary! I can't wait to do a photo diary the next time i travel


  7. This looks like so much fun!!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. Seems like a great place for a getaway. You look great girl!

    Chaicy recently posted.. Pastels OOTD

  9. Waaah. Great pics! Suroy ra mi ni Issa diha.. hehehe

    1. Thanks, Neil! :) pasyal din kayo dun soon. you guys will enjoy!

  10. ok so funny...the only thing i basically noticed was the dirty ice cream. i have not had that in years...
    kisses from dubai ♥

  11. Looks like you had a lot of fun even though you were by yourself! I love your gorgeous photos, great post!
    xo Kiki

  12. Lovely impressions! What a breathtaking giant tree! Wow!


  13. yay for your first solo trip!!! I love solo trips, I think they are such great ways to learn about yourself and to explore without having to tend to other people. :)

    Winn | ♥
    winscribbles.blogspot.com | Instagram

    1. so true! I can't wait for my new solo adventure! :3

  14. what a breathtaking view ,nice post .


  15. look so much fun!! I envy you :)


  16. Amazing trip! Nice!


  17. absolutely amazing places
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  18. Waaa Jewel! I can't wait to read more about your travel in baler, you got some awesome pictures! Makes me wanna travel alone haha!


  19. Hey hun, it looks like you had such a great trip! I agree that the beauty of travelling alone is making loads of new friends :) That waterfall is absolutely breathtaking and I'm glad you tried surfing too

    Rachel xx

  20. I think i need to go here next time I go vacay
    Looks like so much fun :)
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  21. Kuyuga sad ko puhon Jewel!! Hahaha <3 Makasuy gyud kaau imong travel diaries!

  22. Hey. I am just curious, who's taking all your photos Jewel?


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