Fun Surfing in Baler Aurora

When I tried surfing for the first time in Siargao Island , I told myself to try it to other places. We have a surfing spots here i...

When I tried surfing for the first time in Siargao Island, I told myself to try it to other places. We have a surfing spots here in the Philippines even my hometown Southern Leyte have it. Isn't amazing? I can't wait to try it on there, but I heard there are no pro surfers and the swell are crazzzzy! We'll see, I am still planning tho. 

My first plan was to try the surfing in La Union and didn't happened. So I push through with Baler instead. There is something with the place that I wanted to visit for some reasons. First time solo in a trip to North Luzon. Read my Haler, Baler post here.

Here are the photos shot by Go Pro:

When no one can't take photo of you.

But eventually asked someone to take photos of us while listening to the instructions.

Getting ready.

My surfer instructor, surfs up! \m/

I was really, really, really excited to go on board and test the waves. We tried the other side for lesser people, but the waves were crazy, so we just have to join on the same spot where the people are also enjoying their beach time. 

While waiting for the waves selfie. 

After many long rides, (yes... long rides) I asked the instructor to take photos of me doing my own thing of course it will starts on paddling. I really had so much fun and most of the time laughing, I don't know I felt so awkward or whatever.

Ugh. I was happy-tired.

One last try. Unfortunately, the burst shots was not good, I should have set it into video instead of photos. :( Anyway, I still had fun riding the waves for almost two hours! Gosh, I didn't notice that. 

Advantage: No corals and the beach is sandy. You don't have to worry about having reef cuts.

Disadvantage: You can't enjoy the long rides because there are kids on the shore and you have to jump off your board or else you will hit them. :( 

Over all, I had fun!

I'm still planning of going back to Siargao Island since it's near our hometown Southern Leyte. :D

Swimwear: Sassa Activewear

For the update:
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Posted by Jewel Clicks on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Surf's up!!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Congrats for being one of the top finalists for the Bloggys Award! And I MISS BALER. The first time I was there was with an ex... LOL But I'd want to go back there again and try surfing kasi last time I was there, I wasn't able to try. :(


  2. I couldn't even imagine surfing! Sounds incredible!

  3. SO many great photos! I love Go-pro's, they're such an easy way to capture moments!

  4. Congrats! You deserve it. Been reading your blogs for quite sometime now.


  5. I envy you. I want to try surfing but sometimes I can get hold of my balance. This is a nice experience!

    www.ajeinomoto.com | Spices & Everything Nice

  6. I've been wanting to surp up in Baler as well.
    I'm excited to vacay there

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  7. I want it too.....Surfing; very SOON. :)

  8. urghh babalik ako sa baler at makapag dala naden ng GoPro :) last time kasi hindi pa ata uso GoPro aha! at nalaglag din CP ko sa beach!
    pero ngayon bundok bundok muna ako hahaha

    congrats ulit sa pagkapanalo sa bloggys!

    PS: na miss ko mag blog hop!

    1. Go go go! :) dapat talaga may go pro na kesa dslr cam eh :) Thank you! Nakakamiss talaga ang mag blog hop! wagi!

  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy friday bellissima!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  10. I'd love to try surfing but I doubt I'm fit enough for it. LOL. Congrats on the People's Choice award! Promise me we'll go for churros the next time you come and visit Manila! :)


    1. YESSS! I will let you know. :)

      See you soon. :)

  11. Wonderful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  12. I'm so jealous! You had an amazig time there dear.
    Many kisses


  13. Congrats on winning Jewel!


  14. I haven't tried surfing but I want to!!! I think it's really exciting epecially for a first timer. Congrats for the award, Ate :)

    Have a nice day!


  15. Congrats on winning the award Jewel! your certainly better at surfing than I am, I can't even stand up!

    Rachel xx

  16. Been wanting to go to Baler but the current season is not allowing that for now. Hopefully I can go by next summer! Loved your shots. It looks so fun! :)

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places


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