F/W 2015 Party Pieces

Mary Jane Fashion looks at three dream pieces we wish we could wear this season.  Designer collections are always a rich source ...
Mary Jane Fashion looks at three dream pieces we wish we could wear this season. 

Designer collections are always a rich source of sartorial inspiration. It’s so exciting to see which trends to buy into each new season and how to adapt the clothing we already have to the new styles on the runway. Unfortunately, many of us can’t afford to buy the luxurious and opulent pieces that are showcased during fashion week: single tops or pairs of trousers can cost thousands of pounds, let alone the couture garments like dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. As a result, these are normally only accessible to the very wealthy and the very famous who can be paid to publicise and promote the brand. However, we can dare to dream: here are three of the fabulous designer pieces we wish we could wear this season to the parties that are on the way as winter begins to roll in.

1) Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s F/W 2015 collection was injected with some eighties fun. Nothing quite screams party like a dress that shimmers. If were to attend a party that involved plenty of dancing, we’d want to sparkle as we did so. Christopher Kane’s gorgeous party number would fit the bill perfectly: combining a prim and pretty knee-length cut with fabric that glitters and gleams, this dress is fun and a thoroughly modern piece. The sheer neck is connected to the rest of the dress with a zig-zagging lightning bolt that ends a hint of drama and a high-fashion finish.

2) Fendi

Faux fur is one of our go-to textures for outerwear when the weather begins to turn. A full faux fur coat, cape or even a parka with a faux fur trim lends an element of luxury to any ensemble as well as helping you to retain warmth. Shop these styles at Mary Jane Fashion. This season at Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld sent a model wearing a dress made entirely of faux fur down the runway in a soft pastel pink hue. Made with a simple shift cut and no sleeves, this dress is sumptuous and chic, creating a classic style with an adventurous and contemporary texture. We’d wear this dress out to a bar as a cool and fabulous twist on a classic cocktail dress; obviously making sure that nothing spilt onto the rich faux fur!

3) Balenciaga

Before leaving his post as the creative director of this legendary design house, Alexander Wang produced one last F/W collection that was polished, demure but with an undeniably youthful finish. Working three dimensional embellishments, luxury tweed and exposed needlework into his collection, there were plenty of things to help the clothes to stand out. We love this jumpsuit: the heritage tweed texture is given a modern update with a sprinkling of embellishments as well as a statement roundneck collar that is statement enough that you won’t have to wear any jewellery. We’d wear this out to a meal with a leather jacket for some added edge.  


Have a fashionable day everyone!


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    1. Hello, thanks for dropping by. I will definitely follow you too. :)

  2. It's my first time to hear about MaryJane fashion. Thanks for the introduction. :)

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  3. I like the Fendi piece... It's something I can see a less bulkier version of me wearing. Hehe :)



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