Spontaneous Trip to Tagaytay and View Park Hotel

Friends decided to have our different year end activity. We decided to have it out of town. I tried to organize  our trip such as look...

Friends decided to have our different year end activity. We decided to have it out of town. I tried to organize  our trip such as looking for a place to stay in and activities to do. Unfortunately, we were all busy with our work because holiday vacation was coming. 

My flight was 3 hours delayed from the scheduled time ( I was freaking mad about it, but it was okay and that's another story). I saw an ad of View Park Hotel in Tagaytay and I sent it to my friends to check it out if they are okay with it.

It was Saturday night when we went to Tagaytay to avoid the traffic! It was perfect, but I was worried that we might can't find accommodation to stay in overnight. I remember our trip to People's Park Tagaytay last year with the cousins just for a day.

To make the story short, we went to all hotels in Tagaytay to check it there's still available room for us unfortunately all of them were fully booked. So, we went to View Park Hotel and availed their Premium room.

It was 12 midnight when we checked in! Gosh, this is so unfair, I was hoping we could extend until 2PM check-out, but since it was peak season they can't allow us.

But we had a great stay and good sleep!

We woke up early to eat breakfast. It was so cold! 

After breakfast, we checked out the place and

with Seph, Shelly, Eric

Shelly and I

When we got back in our room, they were so busy! So, I told them to have our group photos before we leave.

I brought my mini tripod plus self-timer and tadaaaah! 

Time to check out. 

Picnic Grove Tagaytay

After we checked out, we went to Picnic Grove. It is just near the hotel. There were so many people. The place was so full! :) 

Starbucks Tagaytay

We will suppose to go to Sky Ranch, but the traffic was so heavy that we couldn't stand it. Eric decided to turn left and chill in Starbucks the biggest cafe in the Philippines! Whoooaa, the line was long and you can hardly find seats to have your coffee. 

But of course, we found our table. 

After our coffee, we decided to go back to Manila na, the traffic was insane. 

We stopped by Laguna to eat our dinner at LZM Restaurant they are known with their specialty: Bulalo! 

and checked the new opened Ayala Mall Solenad!

Lastly, we went to SM By the Bay to chill. 

It was 12 midnight when we all went home. Too bad, Cathryn missed this trip, but that was fine. We  had fun with no itinerary, no expectations, we just made it happen!  

Here's our "super friends" photo! 

You can visit:

You can also check the best villas in Tagaytay here

Until next spontaneous trip, guys! 

Have a great day everyone 


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  1. Glad you had an amazing time in that place Jewel!!!!
    cool jud maglaag kung naay friends! and love that quote from Oscar Wilde! one of my fave writers!!!

    love lots,


  2. Definitely looks like a great place to stay! :) Ahh made me miss Tagaytay!

    xx jhanzey.net

  3. such a nice hotel! Seems like you had so much fun!


  4. It looks like you had so much fun! The photos of you and your friends are adorable

    Rachel xx

  5. Your photos looks so fun! I miss doing these things.

    ~ Styleccentric Fashion' | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa


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