Rock Climbing at Poog Crag with Feelings

I was looking for "where to next life adventure" recently, you can read it here . Last month I was invited to a rock climb...

I was looking for "where to next life adventure" recently, you can read it here.

Last month I was invited to a rock climbing activity organized by my blogger friends Gian and Sheila of Adrenaline Romance. It took me almost two weeks to decide if I will go or not because 1) I don't know if I can do it and 2) I am not yet ready for outdoor activity.

Not until I read "Why You Should Go Rock Climbing" post and I realized everything mentioned there are true, all you have to do is MAKE IT HAPPEN. Capital letters because intense. I closed my eyes after I clicked JOINING on the event page, but I was excited to experience it. I even attended Muay Thai on a weekday so I can catch up with exercise to prepare my body, mind, soul and feelings! HAHAHA

Here's my photo diary of my awesome experience: Some of the photos are a panorama. 

Who goat? :P

with Issa and Sheila 

Get to know the route

I was a bit scared and challenged when I saw the rock. I told myself I think can make it halfway, but not on top. I also reminded myself that whatever happens, at least, you tried. Even Carissa tried her best and confessed her thoughts as a first-time rock climber.  What ifs are crazy if you didn't right?

Listen, Listen, Listen!

Meet our guide Enie Yonson together with Gian and Sheila they set up the ropes. The routes were bolted by an Italian climber, Ascamion Coimbra and our guide, Enie. Most of us are beginners and just like other outdoor activities before you start there's a briefing first for tips, and terms.


If you are ready you will say "Climbing!" and your guide will say "Climb on!"

Slack - Portion of rope that is not taut, preferably minimized during belay or to adjust the rope a little if its too tight.

Tension - A technique for maintaining balance using a taut rope through a point of protection or to tighten the rope.

Take  - Called by a climber when requesting that the belayer removes all slack or if you want to rest or when you are ready to go down.

I hope I got it right. This reminds me of when I had my first surfing session in Siargao last summer.
Read more for the glossary of climbing terms here.

Here are the equipment and shoes to use for rock climbing. These are all provided by our guide Enie. :) 

Trust the rope and your guide

I was the second one to climb and pressured because Neil made it on top and kissed the anchor. We were advised that do not put a lot of force using your arms, use your foot to push you up. I tried it, but it didn't work.

Trust yourself that you can do it!

I was nervous before my climb, so I just had to laugh about it and made goofy faces! "Hey! I don't have an idea what am I doing"

I listened to the guide and to friends who are coaching me and cheering me until I realized that I have to focus on what am I doing because no one else knows how the struggle of rubbing the rock and looking for pockets to hold on and where to step next. I almost gave up. 

"Letting go is hard but sometimes holding on is harder, so let go and rest"

I was screaming "I want to go down na!" but they were like "you're almost there, 4 more bolts!" I put a lot of pressure on my arms that I had no choice but to let go and to rest.

"I can't find any pockets to hold" 

Caught on cam, the struggle was real. I really tried to hold on

But I want to rest and look at my arms! 

Sheila told me to let go and give it a "take" I really laughed hard because I was really struggling to hold and hugging the rock when I can even rest. Too much effort for it. 

Push yourself to your limits until you reach the anchor - Goal!



The trio: Gian, Sheila and Enie 

The Rock Climbing crew:  We rock! :)

L-R: Neil, Marj, Gly, Enie, Kara, Me, Carissa, Apple, Gian, and Sheila.

Contact Person:

For guides or equipment to climb at Poog, Toledo, contact local climber Enie Yonson at 0948-7124875. The guide fee costs P400 per head inclusive of equipment rental. There’s a P5 entrance fee to the crag. You can also read how to get there in Poog Crag or ask Enie to arranged trip from Cebu City to Toledo, Cebu. ;) 

Thank you for the photos: Adrenaline Romance and Island Trotters

How about you? 
What are the things you want to do for the first time? :) 

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  1. oh my! ka chuy ana Jewel ui!!!!
    someday,I'll put this one on my checklist!!! hehehehhe
    so happy you had a wonderful experience Jewel! nindot pud kau na kay lingaw then adventurous kau!

    love lots,


    1. you should try it soon and with your friends! :)

  2. enjoyed this post really :) ive never tried rock climbing seems really difficult but yeah perhaps this year!

    ps you always have lovely pictures!

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  3. This looks incredible!


  4. very nice pictures, interesting activity
    I'd love to know your opinion on my new post
    fashion blogger italia

  5. Wow. This is amazing but it definitely looks tough thing to do. Congrats! You made it. You all rock! :)

  6. Such a cool experience, so impressive pics!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. Nice one, Jewel! You were very impressive, kissed the anchor of two routes! Climb on! :-)

  8. taga cebu d i ka? this is really a travel goal.. i like your post!!



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