Summer with Sassa Activewear

Summer is here!! :) Spell B-E-A-C-H aka " Best Escape Anyone Can Have" = yes. :) Beach goals are so "in" thi...

Summer is here!! :)

Spell B-E-A-C-H aka "Best Escape Anyone Can Have" = yes. :) Beach goals are so "in" this summer and one of the essentials to have is swimwear.

I had the best summer trips, last year, I went to some beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. I had to look for trendy bikinis, tankinis, rashguards, boardshorts that is perfect for all seasons, with good quality and most important part is that will fit in my budget.

Good thing I checked out Sassa Activewear at the department store and I fell in love with their swimsuits. They are perfect for my petite body type very well and it fits my budget as well.

It was my first time ever to shop for swimwear last year because I'll be in Boracay for five days and you know what I mean, wearing swimsuits all day, everyday mode on.

Why I love Sassa?

1. Perfect for mix and match ;) 

Read: Boracay

2. Perfect to wear for water activities. 

You don't have to worry when you got wiped out by waves because they have clip and bandeau types of swimmies.

3. They also have dry fit shirts and leggings for outdoor activities:

Mt. Pinatubo Day Hike 
(I will blog about this soon)

4. They have stylish and trendy designs. 

So hard to choose from, so you'll end up buying more than 3-pairs! :D

I have a destination in my mind right now, I'm still deciding when to go there and enjoy the beach. For now, I am enjoying the city beating the heat of summer.

5. They are affordable! You can buy it online or in your favorite department store. 

I can't wait to go to the beach soon and I know you too! 

So here are the newest collection of Sassa Activewear: 

Resorts Wear


Check their collections on their website:

 and shop online here: 

visit your favorite department store nationwide

Have a Happy Summer! :)


  1. very nice photos as usual :))) btw I like sassa active wear.. for some reason they compliment my petite straight figure x_X

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  2. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! xx
    Would you like to follow each other? If yes, please follow me on the both of my blogs and let me know in the comments of my newest posts so I can follow you ASAP.

    Vildana from Stalia Is BAE & Living Like V

    1. Thank you for dropping by :) sure, let's follow each other. xx

  3. Ka sexy ba oi! Makasuya kaayu ang imong beach body!! Hahaha

    1. Halaaa! thank you, but I need to work out na rin! :D xx

  4. Ohh they do have beautiful collections! I'm actually looking for swimwears that I can pull off for our Boracay trip. But at the moment I'm still trying to get in shape. Haha! :)

    SHAIRA // New post


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