I Lost My Soles in Mt. Pinatubo Day Hike

Peek-a-boo!  Finally! An overdue post about my recent adventure time.  I gasp when I see the Mt. Pinatubo crater in front of me,...

Finally! An overdue post about my recent adventure time. 

I gasp when I see the Mt. Pinatubo crater in front of me, so beautiful, Before we reached this beautiful disaster, we had our almost three hours hiked going there. It was pretty easy trail. The 30-minutes trail was closed when we went there, I don't know why. 

Here's our Back Story: 

It was 12MN for our call time in McDonald's Quezon Avenue our meet up place going to Tarlac. I felt like it was my first time or I just missed the feelings of roadtrip to North Luzon. We left at 1:30AM. I was so hype that I asked the driver if I could sit in front since I'm just alone. We arrived early in Tarlac, had our names registered to local government, we had our briefing and announced which group we are going to. Each 4x4 ride can accommodate up to five passengers plus driver and tour guide. In our case, we were only three of us, tour guide and driver. YAY! 

I asked the driver if I can take the front seat because it's 4x4 extreme ride! 


Follow the leader

One of the rules was to not go ahead of the tour guide. Sure you can easily navigate the trail, but it would be better to follow the tour guide because they know best where to step your foot and assist you when you do river-crossing.

On the rocks

Trail is made up of rocks, lahar, sand and sulfur acid. You have to be extra careful and mindful while waking. When we had our briefing they mentioned some minor and major accidents that might happen during hiking just to encourage everyone not to mess up. Plus we signed a waiver so we have to be responsible. 

Be prepared

My mind and body are prepared, but not the outfit. HAHAHA Forgive me, I don't have an idea what to wear for this kind of activity. I wore my rashguard because they said it's going to be hot and the heat of the sun, leggings from Sassa Activewear, boardshorts, sling bag (yes, sling bag!), running shoes and a bamboo stick. Whatever you want to wear as long as you are comfortable and can move freely. 

Be friendly

I met Zel and Ken, we are in the same group. Zel is working in U.S. and Ken is from Davao, but working in Manila and they are friends since college. Yup! I can still remember those details. I love meeting new people when I travel. :) Oh, I didn't ask their instagram or facebook to add them, but that's alright. I think we will meet again someday. 

Children playground

Took photos of the kids on our way to the crater. I said "hello" to them and they smiled. This is where they play and their toys are stones.

Stop Over

Curious where to pee or take a break? They have a place for that. I asked our guide what if I want to pee, he told me that they have comfort rooms available in the rest station. 

Oopps, I can see the rest station from where I stand.

Take a break.

Who said only humans can go hiking? These two cute dogs conquered Mt. Pinatubo. :) 

Left side view from where I took my selfie. :D 
Wala lang...just saying. 

After 10-15 minutes we are now ready for the last trail going to crater. 

We arrived less than 20 minutes. I guess. 
The last trail was memorable, my running shoes soles gave up on me. :( We have been warned about this during the briefing and it really happened! Gosh.
I took it off and left it to the river and made my heart broken. We reached the crater at past 9AM. We were so early because there were no stop by for photo opts and etc. that's a good thing about our group. 

For pee breaks

Of course, photo opts with Ken and Zel. :)

This is it! 


Photo opts slash resting 

Beautiful disaster!

You have to go down, I don't know how many steps to be near the lake. 

Third wheeling!

No swimming allowed.

Jumpshot photo by Ken 

Time to go back

We decided to go back to the site after our lunch and rest for 15 minutes . We were advised to back before 12NN. And another more than one hour 4x4 ride going back to the town. It was a good thing because people started to arrived, I think they are the second batch scheduled after us. 

I found my soles

I found my soles and they are still there for me, waiting. Geeez! I have it with me. I am so happy. :) I don't want to leave anything from that place. I lost some things in my trips, last year and it was not good because I think I'm irresponsible.

When we are near the site, we decided to take photos because we never did on our way to the crater and I think this is the right time to do it. 

Insert song: Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfield

Can you read the names? Show some love. 

YAY! We're back on time. 

Time check: 11:30AM

with kuya driver

with kuya Lan, tour guide


4x4 ride was extreme, but because I was tired I fell asleep, just make sure that you attached the seatbelt.

After I took shower (accidentally got my hair wet), changed my clothes and took off my shoes, I ate halo-halo for refreshment! :)

If you feel lost about life lately, try new things to do and you will discover more about yourself. This is a good start for hiking and trekking goals? We'll see. I have to invest stuff for hiking. 

Maybe I lost my soles, but I guess I found my soul after this trip.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. OMG! that place is amazing Jewel!!!! nindota e ara ui! adventure kau! so happy that you had a wonderful travel experience again Jewel!!!!! :)

    love lots,


  2. Stunning photo diary! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amazing place and really nice photos :)

    If you want follow me on my g+ and Bloglovin, and I will followed you back!

  4. I've been staying in Pampanga for two years now and I haven't been to Pinatubo. Such a shame! I'd definitely go here soon... Before I get married. Since after my marriage, I'm moving out of Pampanga again. Plus I also need to prep myself. Need to be more active. xD


    1. awww... that's alright you can always go there naman :) xx

  5. Jewel bring me with you next time! Pinatubo has always been a dream of mine. :)

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. I will bring you of course! We will have our adventures in Manila :)


  6. Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  7. Ahhh, I have friends who have trekked Pinatubo already. Ayaw akong payagan ng mom ko. :'( Hayyy, if only I'm free to do the things I want. Haha. Anyway, this post is very detailed. I know na what to expect soon. I like the third wheeling captions. Haha :)

    SHAIRA // New Post- Lighthouse

  8. This is so cool. & that ending statement though "Maybe I lost my soles, but I guess I found my soul after this trip." Ang kulet lang. <3


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