Cool Clean and Comfy Stay at Quest Hotel Cebu

I had enough beach trips last year. This year is kind of hectic for me to go out of town and have enough vitamin sea. To feel the summ...

I had enough beach trips last year. This year is kind of hectic for me to go out of town and have enough vitamin sea. To feel the summer, the closest that you can do is to have a staycation somewhere cool, clean and comfy. Quest Hotel Cebu is the perfect place to be in. 


The only hotel that offers Karaoke night with your family or friends. I had a great time operating the machine and entered all the songs that everyone can sing. hahaha

With the whole crew. 
Photo by Brennan Mercado


When I entered the room, As much as I would love to jump off the bed, I had to take photos of the room. Quest Hotel rooms is perfect for staycation and also with my friend Carissa. 


I missed out this part: swimming! My bed hugged me until nine in the morning and when I checked the pool from our window there were a lot of guests swimming. 

Here's my niece Shanna enjoying the pool. 


Staycation but need to go out and jog? No worries the hotel have a place for you to work out your summer body. :) 

Food and Dining 

The hotel has Puso Bistro and Bar which I already posted here. I am now thinking of Luxury Cheesecake right now, darn. You can read my full post about it here: Puso Bistro and Bar.


How comfy is comfy? Level: slumber party! Carissa and I needed a break from our work (meaning facing our phones and laptops) so reading is one of the things we do, but we are not that boring so... 

Pillow fight! HAHAHAHA I wish we have a video of this scene.

After "kulitan and harutan" we got tired and relax for a bit. 

Thank you, Quest Hotel Cebu for our wonderful staycation. 

Here's our short video blog about "Braces" find out why I was ranting.

For booking and more information visit:

Quest Hotel Cebu
Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 32 4025999 / +63 32 2305888

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Cge ra jud ko ka agi sa Quest Jewel but haven't checked in and explored pa jud the place! hayyz someday coz I really need a vacay now too heehhee

    love lots,


    1. go na for an overnight stay with your friend :) xx

  2. I've stayed in Quest once lang and I would love to come back gyud! Their breakfast buffet is heaven!!!

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

  3. I need to work on video-taking..haha.. I'm sorry for interrupting while you're still talking.

    It was a fun staycation, Jool.

    I have one wish: sana maulit ulit. Ulit. Ulit. :D

    - Issa

  4. Hi i love how minimalist your blog theme is! Keep up the good work!

  5. Love this photo journey, and the hotel is so beautiful!


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