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  "Let's shop for winter clothes!" said my friend who will have her travel to one of the Asian countries soon. It will def...

"Let's shop for winter clothes!" said my friend who will have her travel to one of the Asian countries soon. It will definitely cold for sure! However I will not be with her as I will go there later this year. So as early as now, I am browsing coats perfect for winter and cold weather.

I stumbled upon this shop for women's clothing called - StyleWe! Like any other online shops you will start with browsing one category and then dig in and checked every items they are selling until you get hooked. I've been sharing online shops in my blog for years now and this one is the latest and trendy I'm hooked too.

Let's go back to my main goal: What am I looking for again? Oh yeah, Coats. Then I found this Shearling Coats collection they have. It's hard to choose, but I need to have top picks from all of them and here are they:

Apricot High Temperature Setting Long Sleeve Coat by VC 

Black Polyester Plain Long Sleeve Coat by Selecte

Orange Casual Plain Polyester Trench Coat by Lilith A Paris 


Paneled Statement Long Sleeve Halter Fur and Shearling Coat by Dongjingji


Blue Checkered/Plaid Casual Trench Coat by TCG 


These are designed by independent fashion designers. StyleWe features them and support original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. StyleWe believe fashion should be personal and diversified.

You will truly enjoy Designers at Your Fingertips. 

Check out: 

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. I love how unique all of these coats are. This site is pretty amazing.


  2. Coats! I have a strong fascination for these even if we live in a tropical country. Haha! Oh well at least sweater weather na Jewel. Pwede na rin. :)

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  3. looks great !

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  4. Love these coats!! <3


  5. Hello, Jewel! <3

    It's really great to read posts from a fellow Filipino! Following you now on Google+, for some reason puro try again yung GFC tonight. Anyway, it's really one of my frustrations. Yung hindi makapagsuot ng mga jackets and coats dito sa Pinas! Haha kainis.

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    Love, Airish
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