VLOG: A Quick Dip in Boracay Island

Hello! I thought I would not be able to go this year. BUT I DID and with friends. (Hooooraaay!) Finally they said "yes!" when...

Hello! I thought I would not be able to go this year. BUT I DID and with friends. (Hooooraaay!) Finally they said "yes!" when I invited them, miracles do happen. (insert crying emoji)

We had a short trip because of the delayed flight going there. Instead of leaving in the afternoon and arrived in the evening, we left Cebu at night to make it short after two hours bus ride and 15 minutes ferry ride, we arrived at the island at 11:45PM. How was that?! So it made us more excited to see the beach and have fun. We also met Hendrix who is working for a year there and managing a backpacker hostel: Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort - The place is cool and located at Bulabog beach, we love their swingers club where SUP Boards are the swings!

Meet the crew: 
Neil, Rod, Hendrix, I, Cybil and Carissa (Jenesa at the back you can't see her. LOL) 

Here's our VLOG: (Click HD)

How about my jumpshot video? :D 

PS: I am currently now in Makati before going to my next destination. YAY! 
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Have a great day everyone!


  1. very funny these pics and videos :)
    have an happy day
    ---> fashion blogger italia <---

  2. Ay grabe ang sexy mo talaga Jewel. How to be you po? Hehe. I've never been to Boracay. Hopefully next year. :)

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  3. you make me miss boracay! I guess I should say yes to one of the pending invitation but the weather is pulling me down...hahahaha:) it's like chasing summer...rin y days are here..keep safe and dry:


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