How I Spent My Weekend in Sentosa and Clarke Quay Singapore

An overdue post! (I know, I know... forgive me!)  Side note: Oh, by the way, I just got back from my Thailand trip. I left my mobile p...

An overdue post! (I know, I know... forgive me!) 

Side note: Oh, by the way, I just got back from my Thailand trip. I left my mobile phone there. Sigh. (trying to move on now...) 

Going back. Even if I have extra time and break from my working hours at home to blog about my recent trips, I can't do it. I prefer to go out and walk, walk, walk because I was focused on my work, work, work, in front of my desk. I miss working out jogging, yoga and muay thai with my friend. Huhu

Moving forward, here's my photo diary when I was in Singapore last May for few weeks for work. Yes for work. Let me spell that to you: WORK. No play just work. Just kidding!  

It was a great opportunity for me to visit the country and live like a local. I was nervous (not because it's my first time to go out of the country) because I was alone to go there hahaha this will practice my traveling alone mantra and excited to see my friends who are working in Singapore. Oh-ha! 

I was with my friend Sam working as a Nurse and she was free for weekend so I was so happy that she can tour me around Sentosa.

My photographer: Sam Clicks! Thank you for taking my photos. 

Polo:  Basics | Shorts: Uniqlo | Shoes: Palladium Boots | Bag: Bric's

Finally reached the Palawan Beach Sentosa

Clarke Quay at Night

After we had our dinner we visited our another friend from our hometown Max! He's working in Singapore for three years.

This fortune teller machine never gets old! I remember my Mom doing this kind of thing when I was a kid. So I tried too!

But first coffee. 

But I went out with Eden my childhood friend on a Wednesday night at Holland Village for dinner and drinks to catch up with a lot of updates with each other. She is also working now in Singapore. 

So finally here's the crew: I, Sam and Max 

After our few drinks at Mondo Mio Restaurant we had to rush to MRT for the last trip ride because it was almost 12MN. Feels like we had curfew there, but that was fun! :)

Oh. That's me alone photo by Sam Clicks while waiting for the train.

The next day, I met Kuya Rocky and his wife Ate Sarj and had lunch and coffee together in Orchard.

I finally met Katy one of my blogger friends online since forever!

So lucky to have friends in this country, thanks for the treat! God bless you all. 

More photo diary soon!

Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. Great pics and I love your striped shirt dress!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. Hello, Jewel! ♥

    I love your top it looks really cute. Also, it seems like you had so much fun in Singapore! Can't see more of your travel posts. :) And oh, I've read that you left your phone in Bangkok. That's really frustrating! But hey, don't worry. God will provide something better for you! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance ♥

  3. wonderful photos :)
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  4. Bet ko yang mga pose mo. Paturo naman po ako. Hehe. This was such a cool trip Jewel. Sama ako next time. ;)

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  5. Cute pictures!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. I am so excited to visit Singapore this winter! It looks like such a vibrant country. Thanks for sharing!


    Looks by Lau

  7. Lovely beach view... Nice shots of you too!

  8. This got me excited for my first out of the country trip on September with fiance! I also want to visit Sentosa too. I have family and friends who live there. :)



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