On the Rocks at Ilig-Iligan Beach

I was refresh more than pressing the F5 button in my laptop keyboard when I went to Boracay Island last July. I was longing for a beach...

I was refresh more than pressing the F5 button in my laptop keyboard when I went to Boracay Island last July. I was longing for a beach trip after April. I thought that was my last out of town because you will never know what lies ahead. Life lately was in a rollercoaster ride that you can still manage not to throw up when you reach the highest peak and going down landslide. BAM!

I leave to live. I stayed home for less than a month and left again to live. I remember my last year trips whenever I go I always go back. Now, whenever I'm home I always want to leave to look or find something I don't know yet. Isn't sounds crazy? 

Honestly, whenever I go home I don't unpacked my stuff right away. It takes a month after or whenever I have to packed my things again. I find it tiring now. I even mastered packing my things couple of hours before going to the airport. I thought I will never get tired of this, but I guess I do now. 

Booking tickets for less than a month trip is what I was up to. I still believe that spontaneous is fun, but I guess I don't find it any fun now. The excitement is there, the feeling is high, you are happy, but the impact after is kind a long-term than you were happy. These are experiences that you bring home and sometimes it became excess (emotional) baggage that you have to deal with.  

Looking back, I don't have any regrets, I'm just happy and let me use this "feeling blessed". 

Not "sometimes" I think "we should" go somewhere we can breathe and clear our mind somewhere we can relax and forget and leave everything we don't want to remember. After all, good or bad those are experiences that we have to encounter and will make us tougher, stronger and wiser.

I thought I will not feel this again, but I am on the rocks right now (with myself), I feel comfortable that I should be more aware of my decisions in life.

PS: Going out with the whole family! Mom's birthday too! :)
Until next drama-rama post.

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  1. Awww happy, happy birthday to your Mom Jewel! hope you'll have a blast! :)
    hmmm ako din minsan, I also feel what you feel. Let's just keep hustlin dear! I love your travel photos always and I am happy that you are happy with your adventures Jewel! stay cool and pretty as always! sorry dugay na oks wa visit imu blog busyness ang peg sa werk lelz

    love lots,


  2. Totally agree. Going on a trip is something I love too. :) It makes you feel relaxed, and at the same time, you get to bond with people you love. Happy birthday to your mom, Jewel! Great post. Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance


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