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Unilever Food Solutions launches new kitchen innovations:  Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce  I o...

Unilever Food Solutions launches new kitchen innovations: 
Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce 

I one of the lucky people to get a chance to taste the recipes prepared by the chefs' in Knorr Gastro Park last Friday at BGC. 

In light of the demand and buzz for this new flavor that has made Southeast Asians crazy over salted egg chips and salted egg-filled custard buns, Unilever Food Solutions Philippines (UFS)—the maker of Knorr®, Lady’s Choice, Best Foods, and Lipton—brings to Manila the key ingredient in the latest trend taking over the commercial kitchens in Manila: Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder. Aside from this, making Asian sauces has also become easier with the availability of the highly versatile and premium Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce that gives dishes a nice sheen and aromatic sweetness.

“We at UFS understand the ever-changing palate of diners and the needs of our chefs and cooks across the country.  Because of this, we make sure to help them keep up in satisfying their diners’ cravings,” said Pat Mallari, Country Marketing Manager of UFS Philippines. “That is why we are happy to bring these latest innovations—the Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce—to our Filipino chefs to make sure that they stay ahead of the game in light of the growing demand for more creative and gastronomic dishes Filipinos are looking for.”

”We bring various kinds of kitchen staples from different parts of Asia closer to Filipino chefs because we want to break geographical barriers for them. We also want to enable them to bring to life their international concepts with ease and at most creativity for the delight of local diners,” she added.

Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder is a one-step solution for salted egg dishes. It is made only with the best quality egg yolks for better flavor, color, and aroma and to save on labor and time in the kitchen. Chefs and operators no longer have to deal with fluctuating supply or quality of salted eggs because of its consistent availability and quality.

Meanwhile, Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce is another kitchen delight as a premium one-step honey sauce that can be used on its own or as a base sauce. Made from premium yellow rock sugar and real honey, it saves time and labor, perfect for dishes like marmite chicken, glazed spareribs, or any new dish creations through the creativity and boldness of brilliant chefs.

Make sure your palate and menu are on trend. Visit www.ufs.com to get your hands on Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce and create exciting and gastronomic dishes.

The Chefs’ Takes on the Knorr® Salted Egg Powder and Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

The best part of this event is that we had a chance to taste all the food prepared by the Chefs' using Knorr Salted Egg Powder and Rock Sugar Honey Sauce. Guys, I will feel sorry in advance because all food are so delicious and I used Huawei P9 to take all of them!

To showcase the versatility of these products, Chef Alan Wong of UFS Malaysia showcased different ways to use these ingredients in his own recipes. For Hors D’oeuvre, he used the salted egg powder with his “Curry-Salted Egg Veloute”— a spanner crab salad with spiced chicharron. Meanwhile, the rock sugar honey sauce was used in his “Seventh Heaven Pork Belly Cooked Twice” dish, which was described as Gochujang Caramel Sauce, Pickled Daikon, and Korean XO Sauce.

Cathryn and I 

This is my favorite!

Aside from Wong, UFS Philippines Sous Chef Carlos “Pipo” Aluning also shared his own dishes. Inspired by the richness and soft consistency of the Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and the sweet aroma and natural glaze that the Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce gives off, he prepared these irresistible dishes: Fried squid balls with ginger miso glaze and spicy honey glaze, Salted egg shrimp poppers, Salted egg ice cream topped with crumble and soured candy bits.

“It is important for chefs like me that the key ingredients in our kitchen enable us to flex our creative hats in innovating new and exciting dishes for our diners, help us be efficient in managing our time and resources, and most of all, guarantee consistent satisfaction of our diners’ evolving tastes,” said Chef Aluning. “This is why these new Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce are perfect additions to the kitchen staples today.”

Cathryn's favorite by Chef Wong

In addition to this, he has also prepared a Chinese Platter consisting of “Roulade of Pork Rind” (Chicken Oyster and Shrimp Stuffing, Asian Vinaigrette, Aromatic Salted Egg Gravy) and “Fragrant Glutinous Rice Pot Sticker (Pork Liver Pate, White Fish Paste, Bean Curd Skin, Fermented Kung-Po Sauce, Lardons). Wong is the Chef de Cuisine for Chinese Cuisine of UFS Malaysia and Lead Chef for Asian Sauces for UFS Southeast Asia. 

Congratulations Knorr and Chefs'  

Filipino Cuisine:  
Fernando Aracama, Executive Chef of Aracama
Pauline Benedicto, Executive Chef of Rekado Filipino Comfort Food

Joshua Boutwood, Executive Chef of The Bistro Group

Kenneth Cacho, Director for Culinary Arts of ISCAHM
Kimberly Solejon, Cucina Idol Grand Winnder and PCC 2016 Best Chef

Michael Miko Aspiras, Pastry Chef at Le Petit Souffle, Scout's Honor Cookies PH

Have a great day everyone! 


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