How I Spent My Weekend in Pattaya Thailand - Part 1

It's been a month since I get back from my trip in Thailand. (and yes, I'm blogging about it now.) I thought it would be nice to...

It's been a month since I get back from my trip in Thailand. (and yes, I'm blogging about it now.) I thought it would be nice to end my July with a bang, so I booked my tickets on that day. (An overdue post! Lucky those who can blog right away about their trip.)


After seven (long) years, my college friend who's working in Thailand and I met again and catch up with what we've been up to. I remembered that he invited me last 2014 to go there whenever we had a chance to talk online. I think being vulnerable to book tickets last June was a perfect timing. A travel bug bit me again.

I arrived in Bangkok at midnight on Friday. I just worked at home the entire day. I have no worries because I'm going to stay there for 2 weeks. (What 3D2N?) My first night out was in one of night markets in Bangkok, but I will share that on my next post.

We grabbed our breakfast before leaving the city. I love the location of my friend's place. It's like I'm in a small community where everything is there when you need it. Hello, convenient store, restaurants and coffee shops.

When Saturday morning arrived, I was so excited to jump in the front seat and go for two hour drive to Pattaya. YEY! My friend was shy, so he requested not to include him on my VLOG and photos. He's my college friend and living in Bangkok for 7 years. Whoa! He knows how to speak Thai language.

Hello RJ! 

Roadtrip mode on.

Finally toll gate to Pattaya! 

More than meets the eye?

After 2- 3 hours because we deal with traffic here are our itinerary:

First Stop:

Silverlake Vineyard

31/62 Moo 7, Na Chom Thian 20250, Thailand

We paid 100 Baht for an entrance each. It was not that really worth it for my friends who have been there many times with other visitors. HAHAHA but for the love of hospitality they have to go with me. 

We have a ride for every stops.

Stops for taking photos! HAHAHA

We were given one chip per person to get the free grape juice from their office. I haven't tasted it because I forgot why. Forgive me.

Panorama view

Buddha Mountain Pattaya (Khao Chi Chan)

Na Jomtien Km 163, Sukhumvit Road | Na Chom Thian Subdistrict, Sattahip 20250, Thailand

Entrance is free!

If you can't find a good background then make the tourists be your background.

Jumpshot is a must!

Pattaya Sheep Farms

Nong Pla Lai, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

We dropped by here, but it was closed. *sad

We visited a shop where you can find a lot of unique items like you will definitely love to buy. Good thing I was able to manage because I can't with the excess baggage and heavy luggage. So I took some photos of the store inside. 

Makes me think of Cebu when I see guitars.

Friends are here!


Mimosa Pattaya

28/43-44 Moo 2 | Na Jomtien, Sattahip 20250, Thailand

This is where you can watch Lady boy show in the city. There are also stores and restaurants around the area and park where you can take photos opts. We were there at night and we were hungry looking for a place where to eat.

So we drove around and saw this stall. 

We had steak!

Sawasdee Seaview Pattaya Hotel

Time to rest! After our dinner, we looked for a place to stay near the Walking Street. This place is perfect where everything is walking distance.

Walking Street Pattaya

It was almost midnight when we went out of our hotel room. I was excited to see what's in this city. When we arrived there were many tourists, it was manageable to have some drinks while walking in the street.

Someone stole her heart.

Hi, McDonalds!

Second bottle of the night coming.

The truth is, I just ate ice cream in Pattaya! Here's my VLOG withe the Turkish ice cream man:

What a great night!

The next day went to an island in Pattaya. I can't wait to share you my photos. 

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Waaah Thailand <3 Everytime I think of travelling to Thailand, ang first gyud nakong mathink kay magshopping! Haha. Kacute atong colorful kaayo nga place with the huge guitar!

    xx, wanderingella.com

    1. Yes, shopping galore talaga, lalo na if you want to sell it online. :) xx

  2. Woah, im happy you enjoyed! such a nice experience! :D and the ice cream man is always so funny. I always watch them on Youtube. :D

    love from Myxilog

    1. YAY! I didn't do some researched so I was really surprised with the tricks. :D Thank you. xx

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Anne! Ano ka baaaa. Friends lang talaga. :D Yes, so many VLOGs coming up soon. I need more time to finish the edit. :) xx

  4. love the midi dress and the top! ♥

    aww that pink taxi!

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