Top Things that Photo Blogging Has Done to Change Me

When I started blogging the only thing I thought of is that I want to document or write everything memorable in my life. It's lik...

When I started blogging the only thing I thought of is that I want to document or write everything memorable in my life. It's like a personal diary with twists: it's posted online and with photos.

I thought that expressing my feelings and my thoughts randomly is cool, not until I wanted to change the way I post my experiences. It’s always good to share the downside of your life and how to overcome it, but it would be better if you could share something that can inspire others.

(photo above: Ilocos Norte) 

About Jewel Clicks

I have a camera, I have a view, Ugh! I click the button of my camera.

Jewel Clicks is a photo blog I started in 2011. I came up with the name by combining my first name “Jewel” and “clicks” because I love clicking the button of my camera. I thought it would be great to share the photos I have taken in a blog. Multiply and i.PH was already dying that time.

I posted more photos of my life experiences and share the story visually and wrote some short stories about the photos. I talked about about travel, food and dining, lifestyle and events.

I believe that you don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures.

"If you want change, do it! "

Walking the Wire Between Work and Life

(Struggle was real Soul Surfing in Siargao)

One of the things that I share in my blog is how millennials like me can enjoy their lives.

We all have to deal with responsibilities, difficulties and struggles in life, however you don’t have to mop around when dealing with them, preventing yourself from enjoying your life, instead you can choose to do things that you wanted to do for a long time now. For me, that meant pursuing my travel goals.

"Leave to Live"

I started traveling last 2013 when I said “yes” spontaneously to my friend and hopped into the ferry going to Bohol. Since then, I realized that it is possible to go to places you’ve never been to once in a while.  Since then I always leave to live. As a blogger posting my travel diaries online inspire others to take a break from work and to breathe, relax and enjoy.

(read my first trip in Bohol) 

Photo Blogging Aftermath

One of my most memorable travel experiences is when we went to Bantayan Island three months after Typhoon Yolanda hit. It was really a great change for me personally because as a blogger I was able to share about the situation in the island- that it is safe to go there and that all of the beach resorts are business as usual. Aside from that, we were able to help their local tourism.

Adventures with a Touch of Local Communities

Another change started when I decided to go on solo travels. The idea of a perfect travel is to have a big budget to spend. Oh well, not anymore as there are travel organizers who offer affordable rates and accept solo travelers or joiners to participate in the tour. The aim is to help the local community of our destination from food, accommodation, tour guide and buying local products.

( Had fun with Brandon my tour guide in El Nido, Palawan)

Children of Kalinga Village

As a blogger it is a great deed to share the experiences to others that “you just didn’t go there, you lived there”. I love interacting with locals and getting to know more about their culture.

Short and Simple Questions

Finally for the first time I will share these! 

Here are some messages from friends, people who've seen my post / video blog and people I met online and then became friends. 


Jewel Clicks Now

Sharing valuable, fun, and informative content on your blog will leads you to receiving questions from friends living abroad and friends who are planning to visit one of the places you’ve been to. I always love answering their questions giving them tips and advice, and being  their virtual tour guide whenever they need to. It feels good that I help promote tourism and local communities in my own little way.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. This is an amazing post, such an uplifting read. You're so awesome to travel by yourself too, I haven't done that yet. I love your photography and your growth is inspiring. Imagine all that's still to come as well! Great post, thank you so much for sharing. Hope you will visit my blog if you get the time x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) I will definitely visit your blog. :)

  2. That is amazing! That's what I love about blogging as well :)


  3. ikaw na traveler of the year!!

  4. Ahhh, i love this post! This inspires me a lot. Kahit hindi ako gaano nakakatravel out of country or town na enjoy ko pa rin to. Hopefully pag may work na ako, I can travel too to wherever I want to go. Hihingi pa rin ako ng advice sayo just like last summer nung nagpa Bora ako. Thanks Ate! :)



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