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Hello everyone! I just got back from my Japan trip alone. Yes, another solo trip in an Asian country. What's new? Right? If you are ...

Hello everyone! I just got back from my Japan trip alone. Yes, another solo trip in an Asian country. What's new? Right? If you are following me on instagram: @jewelclicks you'll see my updates. Just like my previous trips in Singapore and Thailand, I also have friends based in Japan for more than five years and fluent in speaking in Japanese, gosh! I am so lucky to have them. 

Manila - Narita - Osaka

Narita Airport Terminal 3 flying to Osaka

"You are so brave to travel alone in a non-English country."

An agent from a travel agency told me this and I was like "okay, then what?" I was confident to travel alone because I found a new travel buddy to be with me. I ended up not booking with them and decided to go DIY for my itinerary.

Unlike my previous trips I had difficulties on navigating destinations that I would like to go from train stations down to the name of the streets.


When I was in Singapore, I had a SIM card to text my friends for directions. I know less hassle, but I might disturb them and annoyed them with questions ended up receiving a response of "Jewel, you will not get lost here in Singapore."

In my Thailand trip, when I went to Grand Palace alone, I had to search for it from the place I was staying before going out, then download offline maps that didn't work and take down notes from my friend on what to ride and how much it will cost and other than that I have to figure it out myself by getting a map displayed in their train station in Bangkok.

My trip to Japan is exciting. I was supposed to go with my cousin, unfortunately he cancelled it. Good thing I found Flytpack. I was thinking to subscribe a mobile data from my network, which will cost me PHP550/day and that is a big NO for me. I don't want to scream when I received my bill. Nobody wants that.

Meet Flytpack - your wifi router travel buddy!

Use my promo code: FPJewel and get PHP100 off your next booking!

Affordable and Unlimited Data Access

For Japan it will cost you PHP240/day with unlimited internet access. Really affordable as I go to check and go online whenever I am in trains and navigating the place I rent via Airbnb. 

Portable Charger 

I only have a Huawei P9 phone with me for taking photos and browsing my social networking sites. I didn't worry about my battery life while traveling because I can charge it using the wifi router, isn't amazing guys?! 

Hassle Free 

It can fit in your pocket of your coat or sling bag. So slim, no need to worry about the space. :)


You can connect up to five devices, since I am alone, all data is mine. HAHAHA :D

New Travel Buddy is Love

Contact Friends via Messenger 

I had no issues on contacting my friends in Osaka, Tokyo and Narita because I am online all day! So I met them all and catch up with dinner and a tour around the city.

Rustan, I and Joel

with Yvonne

with Ryan

Social Media Updates 

I loved sharing photos with my family and friends on what's happening in my travel. I receive messages asking guides in Japan and how much I spend, who's taking my photos and what internet I am using because I am always online.

Google Maps 

I am so done with the offline maps, I got lost many times, but who cares! I was confident that I will find the place I rented in Airbnb in Tokyo and the hostel I booked in Osaka. I also politely asked Japanese people too, just to make sure. HEHE

I got lost in Namba

The biggest station in Tokyo

How to rent Flytpack?

Me looking tired traveling since 5:20 AM

As easy as 1-2-3 go to their website: www.flytpack.com book and pay online. The router will be delivered to you a day before your flight and will collect a day after you back from your trip. 

Easy peasy huh? Now that my secret is out! If you are planning your out of the country trip soon bring Flytpack as your travel buddy. :)

My first night in Osaka

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Instagram and Twitter: @flytpack
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More photo diary about my trip soon!

Have a great day everyone!

IG ./ Twitter / Snapchat: jewelclicks


  1. wow! I always envy your guts to travel solo dear! :) and out of the country. Thanks for sharing your trip here :) and Welcome Back!

    Rica | www.sassycebuana.com

    1. Thank you, Rica! :) See you around Cebu soon. xx

  2. I love traveling with you, amazing pics as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.
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  3. I have always admired women like you, who travel alone in non-English speaking countries. Mostly because I am just like you. Your bravery is courageous. Thank you for being so inspiring!


  4. very beautiful pictures dear
    I'd love to know your opinion on my NEW REVIEW <<< fashion blogger >>>
    have an happy day


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