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When thinking about accommodation in Japan one thing pops out in our mind is "capsule hostel". As much as possible I would li...

When thinking about accommodation in Japan one thing pops out in our mind is "capsule hostel". As much as possible I would like to have my own room, but not when you have no time to search for accommodations and asked friends for recommendations. (Rhyming game is strong.) Anyways, so I stayed in Drop Inn Osaka Hostel and to my surprise, I love the place! I booked it via Booking.com The rate is affordable per night. I paid 6,800 Yen for 2 nights. What a relaxing and cozy place to rest after a long day walking around Kyoto, Namba and Osaka. 

I stayed in a Capsule Hostel in Manila (yes, we do have here in the Philippines) but I stayed in a private room. Going back, here's their common area for all the travelers.

Vending machine and insert coin washing machine

You can use all of the utensils. Make sure you will wash it after use. 
You can drink water straight outta faucet (feeling cool haha) so safe! 

Common toilet at 5th floor 

I stayed in a mixed dorm room and it was really quiet that you will walk and move like a cat. 

Corner bed for the win!

So spacious and comfy

I love this small space.

I met this young guy from Taiwan. He was also traveling alone. I was impressed because he was trying to talk to me using Google translator, however, I felt like some of the words and grammars are incorrect. We are friends on Facebook and maybe soon I will visit Taiwan.


They have a desktop for everyone and I worked here for my freelance job.

Free coffee and bread until 10AM only.

Here's how it looks like outside.


Night Photo Walk

On my way back to the hostel, I did some photo walk from Osaka Station. There were few cars and people on the road so it was so easy to take photos along the street. I used my Huawei P9 Smart Phone with Dual Lens Camera powered by Leica.

Train station and a mall

Every corner of the street there's a vending machine

Light trail for the win!

Tried the night mode of my Huawei P9 Camera and I looked like a ghost. So I felt scared and walked fast going to the hostel. HAHAHA

It was 4AM when I leave the hostel to catch up my flight at 7AM and Osaka is an hour away to Kansai Airport. Totally missing the place.

I got lost, where is the bus station located, I can say that (some) Japanese are bad at giving directions. So I took a cab again to the bus station and paid for it roughly 700 YEN.

I'm so grateful to witnessed sunrise in the Land of the Rising sun!

I am so thankful for every blessing I received from above. I can't believe 2016 will end and have a lot of things happened.

Here's my VLOG of my trip in Osaka

Hope you are all enjoying your Holidays!

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