Photo Diary: Jewel in The Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

Heyaaaa! I know right? An overdue post.  (Photo above: I bought a beer from a local vendor while cruising.) I'm back from my ...

Heyaaaa! I know right? An overdue post. 
(Photo above: I bought a beer from a local vendor while cruising.)

I'm back from my trip to Japan and now will go to unpack and pack my things again for a trip to Cebu for a day then leave again and now I am here in Hong Kong! :)

It was a great day to go out and visit The Grand Palace. For an update, the King passed away last October (news here) the Grand Palace is closed for a month and now open to the visitors, but with restrictions for dress code. Many Thai people will be wearing black or white, but this isn’t mandatory. Tourists aren’t expected to dress in the same way as Thai people, but showing respect will be appreciated by locals. Read more information here

But first coffee shot from 24th floor.

I have no internet connection when I go out, so I decided to memorize some Thai words.

YAY! for maps. 
If you would like to know how to use offline maps, please watch my video blog here

Adventure time going to Siam Station

Oopss. Not Siam!

Oh there! Siam Paragon Mall. You will find a help desk for tourists outside and you can ask where is the Tuktuk ride going to The Grand Palace.

Tuk-Tuk ride!
Paid 200 Baht

Finally here


Time to compete with other tourists for taking selfies.

Brought my friends with me. HAHA

First  attempt of selfie. The struggle was real without selfie-stick.

Okay, tried self-timer, but I felt so awkward. 

Checked the map like a pro.

Finally found a good spot to take a selfportrait. 

Mga besh! Spotted cuties oh. I thought it was Harry Potter. 

I love the details.

Jewel in the Grand Palace

I still have stories to share from my trip in Thailand, spell backlogs! As of the moment, I am missing Japan! I would love to visit the country and explore more soon! :) 

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BRB, I'll enjoy my Hong Kong trip for now.

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Have a great day everyone! 

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