Travel Diary: My Journey to Osaka via Narita Japan

I went to the airport as early as 1 AM. Crazy, right? I know. Because I don't want to get stuck in immigration with the long lines, ...

I went to the airport as early as 1 AM. Crazy, right? I know. Because I don't want to get stuck in immigration with the long lines, you know how it goes when you experienced it already. I met with my friend Cathryn to catch up before I left the country. I love midnight real talks with her. 

My flight is at 5:40 in the morning, but I was willing to wait in the departure area so I don't have to worry rushing and beating the traffic in Makati in the morning. (Good move) 

Some of my friends asked questions "how to be you po?", how I applied my visa, where I , and where I will stay and some guides to Japan. So here you go!

Last Minute Preparations

I don't want you to be me. Believe me, I am sucked in preparing my trip to Japan. I gasp when I saw a seat sale of a low cost airline going to Osaka from Manila to save more time in traveling weeks before my trip, but I was still thinking to consider riding a bullet train to Osaka or I will not go to Osaka anymore. Sigh. 

After a week... I was still undecided. 3 days before my flight to Narita, my friends poked me what are my plans in Japan. I told them, here's my itinerary (not yet final):
  • Manila to Narita (because seat sale is gone) 
  • Narita to Osaka 
  • Osaka for 2 days 
  • Osaka to Tokyo
  • Tokyo for 4 days ( I extended one day) 
  • Narita 1 day ( with earthquake experienced)
  • Narita to Manila 

I was pressured because my friend in Osaka was expecting me to be there, my friend in Tokyo was expecting me to be on tour that she booked and my friend in Narita was expecting my arrival that day. HAHAHA Thank you friends for encouraging me to move my ass and organize my trip.

 First row for the win!

I woke up and ordered some food, I forgot it was a 4-hr flight. 

Secure Internet Connections

I rented a Pocket WiFi with unlimited internet access from Flytpack powered by Softbank. I think this is one of the reasons why I was not prepared my trip to Japan, because I know I will not get lost and I can contact friends in Japan via messenger.

Help someone who needs Assistance

The highlight of my trip! Meet Nanay Salvacion ( I forgot her last name na) from Romblon. I saw her from Manila checking in her heavy luggage on the counter and I thought she's with her family or friends. When we arrived, I was recording my video blog and caught her on cam, she seems lost and don't know what to do I was curious. Until she approached me and asked me where to get her baggage, I told her to come with me, let's get our luggage!

I saw her face enlightened from being anxious because the airline said there will be someone who will assist her, unfortunately there were none. "Thank you Lord! You give me someone who can help me, " she said. 

She took this photo :) 

When we lined up in immigration, she had no arrival card and then I assisted her, I was the one who wrote all the information and let her signed after. It's not her first time in Japan! She was in Japan two years ago too, and her visa is good for 90-Days! "Nanay, how to be you po?"

When we pass the immigration, we get our luggage, I got her a trolley for her and look for her relative that will fetch her in the arrival area. Tadaaah! They are really thankful so they asked me to have a photo opt to show to her daughter who help her. I said sure! 

Back to Adrenaline Rush

Okay, enough of the drama, now I have to rush to Terminal 3 for another flight. I was with Yvonne my friend online for three years and finally met her personally. HAHAHA yes, you guys! She works at the airport so she knows where to go.

Someone left an iPhone

Finally checked-in on time.

Be Alert

Domestic flights boarding is announced in Japanese! Oh my gosh, I only have to rely on the flight number.

Bored while waiting to be on-board. #Rhyming #TeamNoSleep

Kansai International Airport

Let's do this!

I changed some of my SDG and BAHT money for train ticket.

Now off to Train Station

The hardest part, I don't know which one I'll get. 
I asked assistance to a JR Station staff. YEY!

Train to Osaka

Quick shot for my reference.

From Kansai Airport to Tennoji lane

I want to sleep, but I can't I have to be alert.

Tennoji to Osaka transfer

I got lost which platform going to Osaka, a man in the background help me.

I really wanted to sleep.


I was so dead tired also my pocket WiFi got disconnected, I really had no choice but to ride an expensive taxi in the whole world! Paid 780 Yen. 

He used an offline map, the driver dropped me off nearby the hostel. So I asked a delivery man where to find Drop Inn Osaka, he talked to me in Japanese, but later on use a translator, but I did understand, he was just making sure that I did so he walked with me to the corner of the street.

After 30 minutes!
I'll blog about this soon.

First time to experience Hostel!
Comfy bed and own space. 

So quiet you can rest!

Time to meet my friend and dinner!

It was a really long day for me. My friend Ryan went to the hostel and we had dinner together and planned where to go the next day before his Japanese class. 

FOOD! Finally after that cup noodles, I ate chicken curry.

Ryan and I met at Visayas Blogging Summit back in 2011. He has been studying in Japan for five years and taking up his masters degree. We are also neighbors in Cebu City. :)

He taught me which way to go to Osaka Station from the hostel.

Meet my travel buddy since 2014!
Time to sleep and rest for Kyoto the next day. 

 More Japan travel diary soon!

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  1. Great photos! I really want to visit Japan, can't wait to read more xxx

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  2. very beautiful reportage sweetie
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  3. Are you there alone? So brave girl! I saw a lot of Japan tickets for 4k nga in Jetstar but I'm keeping my hands off them. Excited for your next travel posts!

    1. Yes, I was alone in my Japan trip. :) Thanks Bea!

  4. Lovely post, I adore this country!
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  5. I enjoyed it very much, you're such an angel for helping someone. Nice to rediscover your blog, hoping to be back soon.


  6. Hi, I am also planning a trip to japan next year, just curious kung pano nyo po binili yung ticket nyo from narita to osaka? Did you buy it pagdating nyo na po sa narita airport or ng book na po kayo dito pa sa philippines?


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