A Year Changed Me A Lot - 2016 Year End Post

"I'll miss you and thank you 2016!" Making big decisions made the changes for me this year. As I will look back s...

"I'll miss you and thank you 2016!"

Making big decisions made the changes for me this year. As I will look back starting January I can say that I tried to do new adventures with friends, family or alone. I don't want to post a drama here because, like I always say that whatever shit happens, I always look at the bright side and thinking that there are reasons why it happened and I don't dwell on negativity instead I go for solutions and how to get over it and move on with my life. #LifeGoesOnandOnandOn

Complete Family

Bro-in-Law JC, Baby Sven, Jewel, Jericho, Angelo, Mommy Belle, Baby Shanna, Precious and Daddy Ton-Ton

Who would have thought that dad and mom will see each other after 21 years? We are not requesting or rushing them to go back together, but seeing them both in our home makes us feel complete. 2016 is definitely a year of changes for me, to my friends and to my family!

Thank you to my parents for not bringing up the past in the present and just be together for us being happy.

Meet New People

We all have wanted to keep our friends forever, but as you grow, you have to meet and deal with new people and you'll realize that we have a small world. I started that joining Cebu Booze Cruise. Some of them are my friends online only few of them I met to hang out after. I'm still happy to know them.

Sinulog Cebu Booze Cruise

Thank you guys for unforgettable crazy memories.

Yes to Buwis Buhay (Extreme) Adventures

Sky diving is always on my bucket list and as much as I would like to do it before I turn 30 few years from now, I said "yes" to the outdoor adventures that I never thought would be fun! 

I always love to visit this place and I went there solo. 

I would like to say thank you for these two for not feeling I'm a third-wheel during our hike.

I tested my limits and I can say that I can do it! 

Thank you for these awesome people for bringing out the best in me that I can reached the top!

Off-road courses and crashed twice, but I did it at the end of the line! It was great to catch up with friends and doing it with friends.

Thank you former co-workers turned into friends for inviting me to experience this extreme activity even if I crashed twice.


We went jump for real!

I don't want to try this activity ever because I don't know how to swim and I don't think I can do the jump, but hey! Thank you for showing me what is YOLO how to enjoy life and do what you can do while you're still young.

Get Out of my Comfort Zone

I grew up in Manila like I always say whenever someone heard me speaking in Tagalog. BUT moving there was really one of my hardest decisions this year because 1) It's Manila 2) Cebu is my comfort zone. 

Work and Live in Singapore

Last April, I decided to move there and accepted a job. After a few weeks, I was sent over to Singapore to work with the team. Things went pretty well, but you know you can't please everyone. Know where and when you stand is still one of the traits to do - respect whatever culture and traditional method they are doing. The good side of this experience is that I was able to hang out my friends who are working there. So yay!

Thank you for the time, dinner, lunch, coffee, treats and stories you shared. You are all hospitable and very welcoming that I felt at home. 

Eden and I 

Jewel, Sam and Max

Kuya Rocky and Wife

With my blogger friend Katy

A photo posted by Jewel Delgado (@jewelclicks) on

Back to my comfort zone

So I went back to Cebu for a month. I am back to being a freelancer and not worrying about finishing the project in Singapore. While in Cebu, I attended some events to catch up with my blogger friends and also went back to some routine such as Muay Thai, Jogging and Yoga that I missed when I was in Manila

Cebu Muay Thai


So happy to spend year-end with my loves! As time goes by our friendship grows and more mature. I can't wait to bond with them whenever we can as long as we are still single. hahaha :D

Thank you childhood friends for understanding whenever we have small arguements, looking forward for more memories with you.

Shelly, Jonah, Cathryn and Jewel

Thank you for unexpected sisters-bonding friendship we have and making time to meet me whenever I'm in Cebu.

Crisch and Gracia

YES to Spontaneous Bookings for Great Adventures

Boracay Island

I accepted the fact that I will travel less this year. So when friends said yes to Boracay Island adventure. I was really excited because we knew that we want this trip ever since!

Neil, Hendrix, Jewel, Rod, Cybil, Issa and Jenesa

Thank you for making this dream outing come true. For saying "yes" to my invite to have a trip to Boracay. This is one for the books.


One thing I hate being working from home - You don't have a social life. That ended in booking flights to Thailand! :) Wahoo! Since I am a freelancer, I went there for two weeks. I've been lucky to have friends living in Thailand for so long and took care of me while I was there.

Thank you friends for making my trip unforgettable in Thailand.

Weekend in Pattaya, Thailand

My shy friend RJ

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Bonding with Em-Em

Another spontaneous trip. I was invited by Nabi to come with her to Buscalan to meet APO Whang OD. I was not excited for the trip because of the weather, but ended great because I finally met her! I also gained new friends for keeps because I am finally back in Manila to work in a new start-up company.

Thank you Nabi for the inviting me though at first I was not that excited for the trip, but it ended awesome! I loved it.


And in the end. All I learned was how to be strong alone.
The highlight of my year is traveling to Japan! I booked my tickets as early as January 30, 2016 with my cousin, but he had to cancel his trip for some personal reasons. That was actually making me sad because I thought I will not go there alone. I processed my visa a month before my trip and not even planning for my itinerary. I was happy that some of my friends living in Japan pushed me so hard to get up my ass and plan my itinerary in Japan. Three days before my flight, I did all the bookings for domestic flights to accommodations and tour.

Autumn in KyotoPhotodiary in Osaka

Thank you friends living in Japan for making me feel that I am not alone in this trip.

with Ryan in Kyoto

Yvonne in Narita

with Joel in Asakusa

with Rustan in Shinjuku

I can say that I will definitely go back there this 2017. :) 

Hong Kong

Are we all love to have a friend that booked your tickets without your permission? My friend included me on her trip with her relatives to Hong Kong and Shenzhen China! I was like "hey, I don't think I have a budget because I will be back from my Japan trip" She said "that's fine. Just join us!" I am so thankful to be back in the city after two years! So many changes, but the feeling homey is still there. I wish I could stay there longer, just like my other international trips. Overall, it was great to travel again with Ate Jo after a long time.

Mong Kok

Shenzhen, China

Thank you Ate Jo and Sir Isaac for this unexpected trip to Hong Kong I am so happy to be part of your trip. Cheers!

Great way to end the year of 2016 travels! 

Best Blogs in the Philippines Award 2016!

How do you define success? There is no definition of success, but whenever I received recognition or an award I always take it that I am on the right track doing what I enjoy and love. Blogging is fun! Check my previous blog awards here.

I was able to share my knowledge and tips to all aspiring young people who would like to start their blog. I'm glad that I was given a chance to do this. It was an amazing experience.

Thank you everyone for the appreciation of my works and to recognizing my humble photo blog. This motivates me to enjoy more and share more adventures in my blog.

Thank you 2016 you are now a year full of memories. 
Hello 2017! I am ready for you.

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  1. I'm so glad you had an incredible year, Jewel! Wishing you the best in 2017!



    1. Happy New Year Nia! :) Wishing you all the best this year too! :) xx

  2. Such a fascinating year, I like your travel stories and photos. I'm following you in Instagram, hope you would like to follow back. Thanks! Happy New Year Jewel!!!


    1. Hi Mercy! :) thank youuu. I will follow you definitely. xx

  3. Nice one Jewel! Truly, 2016 was an amazing year for you!! Pero 2017 na, magkita nata balik! HAHA

    1. Thank you Janine! YESSS! Magkita na ta balik biiiii. :) xx

  4. Sounds like an awesome and adventurous year! :) And btw, what is Cebu Booze Cruise?


    1. Cebu Booze Cruise is an island hopping activity with a twist: you will drink all day! :D Booze all day. :) It was a great experience. http://www.jewelclicks.com/2016/01/sinulog-cebu-booze-cruises-2016.html


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