Stunning Mt. Fuji Views from 3 Spots

Hello everyone! Finally sharing you my tour I booked care of my friend Rustan. She is working at Yokoso Japan Tour. When she introduce...

Hello everyone! Finally sharing you my tour I booked care of my friend Rustan. She is working at Yokoso Japan Tour. When she introduced me their packages, I can't decide which package I will get then she recommends this tour code 05522: Stunning Mt. Fuji Views from 3 Spots: Thatched-Roof Farmhouse Village, Lake for 10,800 YEN.

Booking your tour with a travel agency is a hassle free. So at least I get a chance to hop in the bus and look forward to these places. I didn't book any tour in Osaka and Kyoto because I had a friend with me to tour me around which was cool.

I took a lot of photos during of the beautiful sceneries and had a hard time to choose which I will post here. HAHA I guess, ALL OF THEM! 

Early Morning Meet Up

The meeting place is at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku will take me 15 minutes walk from my Airbnb, but it was raining that day of the tour and I got lost a little because it was last night when Rustan taught me where is the hotel located. I was still relying to Google Maps. I made it to the hotel and arrived a few minutes late. Blame it on the rain!

Our tour guide said the travel time is two hours from Shinjuku. Here's the map for your reference.

Off we go! Alone at the back of the bus.

Surprised! The reason why I took a lot of photos because my phone never gets low in battery.

Tokyo 2020


First Spot: Fujikawaguchiko Town

We were in the area of Lake Kawaguchi, but we went first to see the autumn leaves. The weather was a bummer and I can't deal with the mud. There were  big groups of tourists who were also in the area. 

Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival will be held from November 1st to 23rd in Fujikawaguchiko Town amongst the beauty of the colorful maple trees. Nightly light up of maples trees along the road and at the main festival area until 10pm. Enjoy local food, drink, produce and specialty stalls; arts and crafts, and weekend events. Also special mini traditional village replicas lit up at night. Very romantic atmosphere. (source)

First selfie outside.

Closer look of the leaves

Hello! Can someone take photo of me? huhu LOL


Fine, I attempted to take self-portrait sitting on that chair, but it was failed. :(

So I looked for other options where to put my small tripod, but photobomber is photobomber.

There were shops for souvenirs and food stalls in the area.

Nashigawa Autumn Leave's Cloister

Big Japanese maple trees, over 80 years old, are planted in row for 150 meters. The place is the main venue of “Autumnal Leaves Festival” from late October through mid-November. (source)

Most of the tourists didn't go on this spot. This is the north side of Lake Kawaguchi. That day was raining with strong wind and cold, but who cares?! I went there to explore and enjoy the view.

I walked and found a post where I can put my tripod and take self-portrait with 10 seconds timer.

Test shot 5 meters away from the camera.

So I went far, but there was a strong wind and I was afraid that my mobile phone might fall! I was caught running towards it. HAHAHA It was never easy guys!

Finally decent shots for OOTD. LOL

Jacket: Giordano | Pants: Forever 21 | Shoes: New Balance | Bag: Burberry | Scarft: from HongKong
Umbrella borrowed from my Airbnb host

UGH. Weather, why so gloomy?! 

The other side

I found another chair in the middle.

Time is up! I only had 15 minutes left and have to go back to the bus parked a little bit far. Also, I got hungry and thirsty, but it was almost lunch time, so I just bought a bottle of water.



Finally bottle of water!

Back in the bus with frozen face and dry lips.

We were transferred to other side for our lunch in this building.


While we were eating our tour guide gave us our own map and ticket to the Ropeway Station.

Second Spot: Mt. Kachi-Kachi Ropeway

View of Lake Kawaguchi and the foot of Mount Fuji.

The ropeway reaches the summit in three minutes, and from the observation area at an elevation of 1,075 meters there is a 360 degree panoramic view of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, and on fair weather days even the Minami Alps (Mount Akaishi and Mount Arakawa) are visible. (source)

Unfortunately, there were no glimpse of Mt. Fuji (insert crying emoticon here) because it was raining the whole day and also foggy. So I guess it's a sign to go back here again. 

No clearing like us. CHAR!

No idea with this should I wish for something?

Sino ba may hugot dyan? Bato na!

Finally! Someone asked me to take a photo of her so she took a photo of me in return.

No view so I decided to go down.

Cable car

Saw this Cheesecake store. I love cheesecakes! I was heartbroken not to see the Mt. Fuji so I bought some to eat when I get home.

I bought cheese tarts!

Then I checked out the souvenir shop at the first floor of the restaurant where we had our lunch.

Not much interesting stuff to buy so I went out.

I went back in bus to take off my jacket even if it was cold.

Life saver: Self-Timer YAY!

Cool cars 

Stunning view of Lake Kawaguchi. I wished the weather was good.

Lake Kawaguchi is located in the border Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu, southern Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji, Japan. It is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of surface area, and is located at the lowest elevation. (source)

Beautiful lake. So tried to take a selfie so I can also be pretty. JK! Chaaaarot!!

Third Spot: Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba

Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba have a stunning view of Mt. Fuji. 
Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba is used to be a thatched-roof farmhouse village in Nenba district near Lake Saiko. It was, however, devastated by a typhoon about 50 years ago. In an effort to restore the village from the catastrophic disaster, 20 thatched-roof farmhouses are now at its original location. (source)

Time to explore!

One of my favorite photos and included in Huawei P9 Exhibit in Greenbelt 3 last November.

The map of the Farmhouse Village

There were few people went inside the museum so it's time to go out.

I saw the Singaporean girl who is also a solo traveler. 

Another failed self-portrait because the rain starts to fall. RUN!

Then I managed

Ok. The rain poured again.

I went inside this shop that offers Kimonos for rent for 500 YEN. 

Self-timer whenever I get a chance.

I was supposed to put my tripod on the rail, but I don't want to gamble.

Para-paraan talaga gurl!

Going back to the bus

Dahon lang ang labanan!

I want to buy food but

My reliable pocket wifi Flytpack! Read my review here.

Two hours back to Shinjuku

Arrived in Shinjuku at 6:30PM

Ended my trip with this view. 

Whew! That was a pretty amazing tour. The weather didn't stop me from having fun. Even if I am alone, experiencing all these makes me become a storyteller when I get back home. As of now I still don't have plans where to go this 2017. We'll see where my life takes me this year. Planning to create a dream board for my plans this year.

Thank you Rustan Hashimoto for booking this tour. 

If you are planning your trip to Japan, check out their website:
Yokoso Japan Tour

if you want to know the details of my tour click here:

Hope you enjoyed my photo diary. All photos taken by Huawei P9.

More posts soon!

Have a great day everyone!
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