When In Tokyo: I Didn't Go There - I Lived There!

Hello  guys! Whenever I travel I didn't just "go" to a place and stay there just for the sake of "stayin...

Hello guys!

Whenever I travel I didn't just "go" to a place and stay there just for the sake of "staying" and "being" there. As much as we are falling in love to these lovely places that we visit and wish that we are living there we can't because we have to leave the place and we only bring the memories with us when we leave. As much as possible, I love living as a local to the places domestic or international.

When we say live we spell "home". Thank goodness for Airbnb.com! I am enjoying living in other places for two years now and believe me I am really liking it. When I was in Cebu I always look for my home in Manila live like I own the place. I always feel at home.

When I was in Singapore, I had a chance to experience how to live there and believe me I learned a lot and had fun even though I was juggling between personal life and work there. I stayed in a condominium in Farrer Road for a month. I will suppose to booked a place in Thailand when I was there for two weeks, but my friend offered a place to stay, but believe me I checked the available units in the same building where my friend lives and geeez! there are available rooms to stay. :)

In Tokyo, I found a private room to stay and in Shinjuku! Screaming because it was really an awesome gem to find. I had a great experience in a hostel in Osaka, but I still want my "own space" where I don't need to mind other people sleeping while me playing my favorite happy songs in Spotify.

So here guys! I would like to share you my home for few days in Tokyo.

Private Room in Shinjuku

I arrived at noon time and I was tired dealing with Google Maps and pulling my luggage to find the place. I was awake since 3AM that day because I came from Osaka. Imagine my travel time: bus ride to Kansai Airport - an hour flight to Narita - an hour and a half train to Shinjuku and more than an hour looking for the place. I paid 1000 YEN for me to check in early because the room will be available at 4PM and I needed to rest because I will meet my friends at night. Guys, It was Friday night.

This is the photo I took when I arrived from my Tour in Mt. Fuji

On my way home from I was thinking where to eat alone that I don't have to deal with the crowd, then I passed by this store and looks like for to-go food!

I ordered Pork Tonkatsu. I had a hard time what to order because there was no English menu and only photos, but hey, Uncle help me out.

After I ate my dinner, I tried my new scarf I bought in Uniqlo and a sweater because I was running out of clothes and the weather was cold.

This is why I need my own space.

In the morning, I was ready to check out, but I am waiting for my friend Yvonne from Narita because we will go around Tokyo for a mini tour. YAY!

This is the cheesecake tart I bought from my trip to see Mt. Fuji and it was so yummy! I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee I brought Kopiko Black.

Enjoying the heat of the heater in my room.

But I was thinking how can I enjoy the hot coffee if my room is warm? So I decided to went out.

Lovely weather!

Don't worry guys, this is only 6th floor and not 28th floor. :D

Don't get fooled, but It was so cold outside. I was just enjoying it.

I have no idea where to go around Tokyo. I loved the chill vibe in this place. Except at night, feels like there's something wrong like in a Japanese horror film. HAHAHA

Good thing I brought my leather sandals from Topshop. Whew! I knew I can't wear this around, but atleast I have something to wear in the common area.

Now I am ready to go out and explore the cities in Tokyo!
Next on my blog. :)

Now finally my secret is out! You can now try to book your first Airbnb experience. You will have a discount when you book your accommodation when you sign up using this link:

Yes, believe me! It will save you a lot. :)

PS: I will leave the city and go out of town for my first adventure this year! YAY!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Awesome!! Looks amazing! Have fun there!


  2. gorgeous food pics
    NEW REVIEW ON MY BLOG <<< fashion blogger >>>
    have an happy day

  3. Ahh your blog is a happy pill Jewel, I like how you post detailed and engaging photos and stories without making your readers getting bored. Hope to travel to Japan too.


  4. Where to next Jewel? Gala girl ka na talaga! Haha. I love Airbnb too. I like the liberty of cooking and having an entire space for myself. :)

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  5. I haven't had a chance to try Airbnb yet. Japan is definitely on top of my list of places to visit.

  6. Hala.. Great photos, Jewel. Naka-drop by najud ko. Hehehe


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