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You all know that I've been traveling alone to other countries last year and meeting my friends living there. But before the year ...

You all know that I've been traveling alone to other countries last year and meeting my friends living there. But before the year ends I had a chance to bond with my friend Ate Jo in Hong Kong. This is our second time together in the city. Here's our Hong Kong Tour diary with Cybil. We were with her mom, aunties and her friend Sir Ice. 

On our first day, we decided to go to The Peak, Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak is a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak.

I had a lack of sleep before the trip, but I was ready for adventures after I had coffee.

Here's our view from our hotel lobby. We were so happy to stayed in downtown location.

Bus ride for our tour!

John was our tour guide two years ago!

Here's our Peak Tram Sky Pass! This is the quickest and most scenic way to arrive at The Peak.


We went first in Madame Tussauds to see the wax figures of famous personalities, I'll blog about it soon.

YAY! Happy to be here.

I, Ate Jo and Sir Ice

We were expecting sunset, but it was cloudy that time. So I told them we'll just wait for the evening so I can capture the beauty of the city lights,

No clearing, but happy.

Here's my another shot focused on me, so love my phone Huawei P9!

The reality is this is how you will deal with the crowd.

Make them as your backdrop!

I didn't have my tripod with me, but I tried my best to get this shot. YAY!
PRO TIP: Do not breathe while taking the long exposure.

It was evening when we went back to Mong Kok for dinner. We had a great first day in Hong Kong.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I've never been to Hongkong, but as I've seen from your photos, the place looks amazing. Love your shots, Jewel! ♥ Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    1. You should visit HK someday. I am currently here in HK. Thanks, Airish.

  2. What an amazing experience and awesome photos!

    The White Ocean

  3. Stunning view! Unfortunately, the crowd. Haha. Seems impossible to go there alone though as it's a popular place. Great photos!


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