Thinking Out Clouds in Mt. Ulap Traverse Day Hike

Started my year with a warm up - mountain hiking! This activity is not a new to people who are working in the city. This is one of their...

Started my year with a warm up - mountain hiking! This activity is not a new to people who are working in the city. This is one of their ways to destress from city life and explore up to the mountain. I was invited by Rams to joined them few days before the date. Whooaa! Spell spontaneous - YES to new adventures. 

Anyways, it was Saturday night when we leave Manila for more or less 10 hours drive to Itogon, Benguet. I love road trips. When we arrived the area where we need to registered was packed of people who will go up to Mt. Ulap. Whooa! 

Good thing, Grezel, our organizer decided that we will do traverse. From Sta. Fe Ride to Ampucao trail. Which was way good, I can say. Less group of people started on that trail. 

Photos loading in 3, 2, 1...

It was almost six in the morning when we started to go up the summit. I was really focused because of the stairs. I hate stairs! So when we reached a good spot for sunrise I took photos while we were resting. I brought my camera so I can save my phone's battery.

Finally asked our tour guide to take photos of me :D 

I prepared my outfit for this. I think I did a great job.

Bag: Terra Peak | Leggings: Reebok | Shoes: Palladium Boots | Top: Cotton On
| Sports Bra: Sassa Activewear | Watch: Casio | Eyeglasses: Executive Optical

Decided not to wear contact lens.

Here's my friend Rams!

Looking fresh!

We stop here for lunch. We bought our lunch at the registration area of Mt. Ulap.

After lunch, we continued to go to summit and this is the view!

Thinking out clouds

And we continued to go up the hill! Remember the Jack and Jill song? you don't really want to fall down here or else... nakakahiya!

When we reached the hill we can't help but take a lot of photos and of course photo opts!

We continued to reach this signage!

and this!

We waited for the others for a group photo.

The popular rock formation for photo opts was too crowded and we have to wait for our turn. So we all decided to skip that sht and continue to our trail.

BUT we had our great tour guide, she suggested to take photos to another spot where no one knows. She is a local so I believe her and these happened:

It was really foggy. Ulap in english is Clouds. Truly Mt. Ulap / Mt. Clouds!


My left knee almost gave up. I was having a hard time going down the trail every time I bend it. Ugh. Success! We reached this signage as our end of our adventure.

Then we went to Baguio as our late lunch early dinner treat.

50 Diners!

My meal!

Gained new friends!

Our tour guide and my photographer.

My favorite photo.

"Hiking is like a drug. If you try once, you need more. Dead! Maybe after 6 months again."

Mt. Ulap Organized by: Byaherang Barat - check her page for more events this summer.

What are your plans this summer? xx

Instagram: @jewelclicks


  1. Loving your photos as always, Jewel! ♥ Ganda ng view and I'm sure worth it ang pagod. This summer, punta kaming Seoul. Have you been there? Any suggestions? :) Btw, if you're looking for dresses you may check out this link: https://goo.gl/glwHDg Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    1. Thanks Airish! Whooaa, Seoul kayo this summer. that's awesome. I haven't been to SoKor, but planning to go there for Autumn. :)


  2. Wow, breathtaking pics... your posts are always so beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.
    My Instagram

  3. These beautiful sights make the hike worthwhile, right?
    I don't know when I could start hiking. Hopefully this year. Less beach and more peaks! :D

  4. Ginalingan eh. Talagang pinaghandaan ang outfit. Ikaw na talaga Jewel. More hiking posts please! :)


  5. That place looks amazing! My friend recently hiked up there as well. I'm not really into hiking, hindi kinakaya ng lungs ko! But I admit getting into the summit feels rewarding and refreshing :)



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