Photo Diary: Where To Go in Taipei, Taiwan - Day 2

HELLO! I have been so occupied these past few weeks and felt like all my brain cells worked so hard to deal with everything I was th...

HELLO! I have been so occupied these past few weeks and felt like all my brain cells worked so hard to deal with everything I was thinking, feeling and worrying. So I ended my week with going out for drinks and yeah it's been awhile. But better than drinking one bottle inside my room while staring on my monitoring doing nothing.

It's a big HELLO that I am literally back to myself writing this post to share my day 2 of my trip in Taiwan. Which was my highlight of the trip because we went to a lot of places by walking like I had a record of more than 30,000 steps! Crazy, right? If you will go out of the country, you don't mind walking around because you are enjoying exploring, seeing spots, take steps and take photos of everything.

After my first day, which you can read my post here: Where to go in Taiwan Day 1

Here's our second day DIY Itinerary that you might want to follow or not? Just to give you an idea, here it is:

It was Sunday morning and we went to a Catholic church. 

Another phone booth.

One of the popular universities in Taipei.

After our church (which I didn't take photos because there was a scheduled video shoot from a medium to show how overseas Filipino workers do in Taiwan).

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 – stylized as TAIPEI 101 and formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center – is a landmark supertall skyscraper in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan Province, Republic of China. (source)

Geez! I love their stations. It took years to finish this, but look how convenient it is now.

Lockers for luggage. We left our stuff in the Shilin Market so we can get it before checking - in to Airbnb. In your case, if you would like to look around Taipei 101 Mall without bringing your bags, you can leave it here.

Geraldine and I looking so fresh.

This is what you can see when you get out the Taipei 101 MRT Station. So closed right? it will break your neck.

We didn't go up the line was too long for a group of tourists also, you can only see the city view. There is another option to see the city, plus you can save NT$600 entrance fee for that.

Scroll down, you'll know. You're Welcome!

LOVE monument and me busy dealing with my shoelace.

Embryo Statue

The Elephant Mountain  (Xiangshian)

Xiangshan, also known as Elephant Mountain, is a mountain in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is close to the Taipei Metro Xiangshan Station. It is 183 m high. It has a hiking trail. The Six Giant Rocks are a tourist attraction in Xiangshan.(source

This is the view for free! You just have to invest with your strength, breathing, and core when you go up. Geez, good thing I can still catch up my breath.


The popular spot where you can take a photo and Taipei 101 at the back, isn't awesome? There's a line for all the tourists who would like to take a photo. You have to climb this huge rock and be extra careful when you go down. Look how I look so calm when I was really scared because it was high.

Going back to MRT station

I was tired from our hiking and tempted to use this U-Bike. I wanted to try this. Maybe next time when I get back.

Taipei Zoo

Can I just cry now? Because I visited a zoo first time in another country. I don't visit zoos guys, don't hate. I just don't want to spend half of my day checking out the animals. Huhu but because of the love of Pandas, I did!

I came here for Pandas, but this is what I saw - a DEAD Panda.
A sleeping Panda enjoying his off because it was Sunday and don't want to deal with people. SAD.

Another animal sleeping and enjoying his off on Sunday afternoon.

So basically, all of the animals that day was sleeping and didn't bother to show up out of their cage. So we decided to go to the Cable Car station. It was heartbreaking not to see a cute panda too. I'll be back.

When You Meet a Solo Traveler too!

I've been cheating. I went to Taiwan solo, but because my cousin was available to tour me around it was no longer solo. We met this solo traveler, Alfa Genesis! I salute her for being so brave to go solo. Now I know how it looks like to get lost alone. The moment I saw her checking also the map in the zoo, I can feel that she is my future. 

Look how coincidence it was.

My cousin took a candid photo of me with her in the background. Then the next photo of us when we met her and tag her along with us to cable car station.

It was 5PM and we had to get out the zoo because it was closing time.

Maokong Station Cable

Maokong Station is the terminal station of the Maokong Gondola of the Taipei Rapid Transit System, located in Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. It provides access to the town of Maokong, for which the station is named. (source

There are four stations these are Taipei Zoo Station, Taipei Zoo South Station, Zhinan Temple Station and Maokong Station. We used our EASYCARD for the payment. This is the card I used for my transportation bus and MRT in Taipei, so convenient! We paid NT$70.  Read more info here.

The longest cable ride in my life so far. It was more or less 30 minutes ride. 

Geraldine, I and Alfa

We were starving when we reached Maokong and immediately look for something to eat. We would like to try their sausage, but the line was too long.

So we tried Bomb Pancakes! It was delicious and messy when you eat it because of the yolk inside. BOMB talaga!

Then we decided to took a cab going back to MRT from Maokong for NT$50 each.

Tadaaaah! Last group photo of the night before she took off the MRT station. Glad to meet you, Alfa!

Check-in to my Airbnb home at Shilin

Cousin and I chillin' at Shilin. LOL!

Love my room with my name on it. I'll blog about this soon.

After 30 minutes of resting, we decided to go to Shilin Night Market for Milktea!

Forgot to bring my tripod for long exposure, but this one can do.

It was midnight when we decided to go home and get some rest.

My last entry for my Taiwan Day 3 Itinerary soon. 

Hope you enjoy my long post.

Have a great day everyone!xx


  1. Your recaps are always so interesting!
    Great pics again!
    Kisses, Paola.

  2. Taipei looks nice, clean and not so crowded. I find that tall building wonderfully structured. Great post as always Jewel!


  3. I dont really see the worth of going to taiwan! Oh well this one has just got me here! Bicycle, zoo, nature trailers and of course cable car! <3 now that pinoys are Visa free!


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