Camp Saya at Kota Beach Bantayan Island

Last month, I went home to Cebu for my braces adjustment (expensive ha) but really also to visit the family and bond with them. W...

Last month, I went home to Cebu for my braces adjustment (expensive ha) but really also to visit the family and bond with them. We went to our hometown last April and unfortunately, the weather was raining during our entire stay and we left without enjoying the beach. Cries. We decided to catch up with waves again so I hurriedly booked my tickets home. Everything was perfect. We went to Bantayan Island in Sta. Fe and stayed in Kota Beach, also known now as "Camp Sawi" a movie for those heartbroken that would like to forget everything about their past relationship. 

But I called it Camp Saya (happy) because everything was perfect when we went there the weather, the hues, the waves and I was traveling with my family. 

I am so happy that I finally wearing one of my new swimsuits from Light in the Box. I really love their online shop. They have the perfect collection of all seasons! Got my winter clothes when I was in Japan, spring dress when I was in Taiwan and now swimsuit for summer. 

I love the details of this swimsuit.

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Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. Oh wow, you are a hottie! This is a cute swimwear and agree the beach is magnificent. Now I know where Camp Sawi is, I've seen the movie in TFC and was wondering where it is. Great post dear!!!


  2. Uwian na may nanalo na. Iba ka talaga Jewel. Also, I'm glad to hear that Camp Sawi isn't as sawi after all. Haha. :)


    1. Hi Anne! :D Grabe sya oh. :D Unless you go there as "sawi" tho. :D xx

  3. amazing bikini, your body perfect my dear
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    have an happy day

  4. Sexy mo girl! Hope to go to Bantayan na real soon. Di pa talaga ko nakapunta. T.T


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