Photo Diary: Offline Weekend at Liwliwa Beach Zambales

Finally sharing our short beach trip in San Felipe, Zambales. It was a long weekend, but we just stayed overnight and maximized our time...

Finally sharing our short beach trip in San Felipe, Zambales. It was a long weekend, but we just stayed overnight and maximized our time during our stay. 

Liwliwa Beach 

When we arrived at the San Felipe, Zambales we hurriedly checked the beach. It was refreshing to see the waves after my trip in Bantayan Island same month. We have to walk for 3 to 5 minutes to the beach from the hostel.

Leona and Bhads

I was excited for the waves!

Oh waves!

Surfer spotted.
Yes! You can surf here. I miss surfing in Siargao Island tho. 

One bottle.

Group photo!
Jasper, Kim, Leona, I, Bhads and Kata 

The Circle Hostel Zambales

First time to sleep in a bunk and non air conditioned, not bad for an overnight trip. I like the vibe of the place so chill. One thing we can't do is to get online and check our news feed in social media. Perfect to stay offline for a weekend. 

No slipper zone

You can read love, sad, happy, and hugot quotes written everywhere.

Bean bags


You can also sleep in hammock if you don't like to sleep in a bunk bed.

Spotted: Apo Whang-Od 
It's been a year since I met her on trail.

Chess game
Kim vs Jasper

Leona vs Bhads vs Baby Girl 

And I'm dealing with the heat.

Everyone is on their phone, but no signal.

Someone is so chill.

Kata brought her book.

Drinking session.

Check their The Circle Hostel Zambales website.

Sunset Session Liwliwa Beach 

I love sunset session whenever I'm at the beach and I can say that this one is now added on my best experience in life to witness the sun setting down. 

I decided not to swim because I want to enjoy this view.

The only couple in our trip.
Mark and M

Now playing: Pink Skies - LANY

Blue Hour Session

I can't help, but take photos. I wanted to have a perfect shot, that is why I took photos first of Joy and instructed her how to take photos of me. 




Bhads of www.zephyriousity.com

Yours truly.

Our stop over on our way home. Please don't judge us. LOL!

For an update, we are planning for another out of town trip and this time on the other side of Luzon. Let's see!

Leaving you this view. My favorite shot of our trip. Spell LOVE. 
All photos are taken by Huawei P9.

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I remember my overnight trips too with officemates when I still worked in Makati. The sunset photos are breathtaking, I love specifically the pink sky and your silhouette shot.


  2. woooww!!! I want to go theeerre!


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