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These days, traveling for less is an option unlike before. BUT that's when you will join a group tour to pay less. How about wh...

These days, traveling for less is an option unlike before. BUT that's when you will join a group tour to pay less. How about when you would like to go alone for a trip to relax and have a break from your life in the city? Some of my friends asked me how I manage to travel solo because the idea of traveling alone is expensive than traveling with friends because you can split the expenses with them. 

Here are the pro tips on how to organize your own trip without the help of an organizer or travel agency: 

Book Seat Sale Airplane Tickets 

No need to explain more, but make sure that you have decided where will be your destination and when so you can plan ahead of time. This is the number one tip I always share with friends, to book tickets first and the rest will follow.

Where to Stay?

Choosing accommodation will eat up some of your budget for your travel. Before we only have two options these are Hotels and Hostels. Most of us would like to have our own privacy in a room and would like to rest without any noise of other guests so we prefer booking in a cheap or affordable hotel.

There are options these days, you can find the best budget accommodation in ZEN Rooms. Isn't amazing? I am a sucker for discounts when it comes to booking accommodation. I am happy to share that you can use my code: JEWELCLICKS and get 20% OFF also apply for multiple bookings in all Zen Rooms Southeast Asia listing. I shared this with my friends and they enjoyed the discount upon booking.

Create Your Own Itinerary

Creating your own itinerary is good at researching. I suggest to not book for any city tour wherever destination you will be. Getting lost in the city is not really literally getting lost because you are exploring. As long as you have an internet connection to check the Google maps are saved offline maps into your mobile phone. For me outside of the country trip, I used Flytpack pocket wifi that helps me explore the cities in Japan. But if you will go outside the city or some provinces, then that's the time that you have to book a travel agency for a smooth itinerary and for your own safety.

Most of all enjoy your trip or staycation! 

That's all the simple tips you can follow on your own. 

Happy Trip everyone!

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  1. Yey, I'll try ZEN Rooms next time! :) I really planned to use Flytpack during my last trip but went for the tourist sim instead. Maybe when I travel a little longer, I'll definitely try Flytpack. :)


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