5 Ways to Identify Signs from the Universe

Every day, a higher power reaches out to you. Whether you define this power as God, your Inner-Self, or the Universe, it is constantly...

Every day, a higher power reaches out to you. Whether you define this power as God, your Inner-Self, or the Universe, it is constantly sending you messages. To “get” and interpret these messages, you must learn how to listen and understand the universe’s language. Have you ever had the feeling that someone or something was trying to tell you something? It is not uncommon for your surroundings and subconscious to be signaling to you. Here are some of the most actionable ways to identify signs from the universe:

1. Tune into yourself.

We are constantly surrounded by noise and distractions. While technology can make life easier, too much may block subtle messages from the universe. The universe uses all your senses to shed light on your situations. 

Daily meditation and visualization are excellent ways to fine-tune your senses to cosmic wavelengths. When you meditate on a problem and visualize the solutions, you are prepared to receive universal signs. Your expectation keeps you in the present moment and this process can lead to deep, fruitful introspection.

2. Start a life journal.

For years, mental health professionals have touted the benefits of journaling. Writing down your thoughts keep you connected to yourself and the world around you. Compose your life journal however you choose.

It does not need to be a long narrative; instead, just jot down pertinent events of the day and any thoughts that came to mind. If you saw, heard, or felt something unusual, write it in your journal. As you review each notation in the evenings or on occasion, you may notice patterns and signs. The universe is trying to get your attention! Write down patterns as you take notice of them.

3. Record your dreams.

In the wisdom of many ancient cultures, dreams were the gateway to the other worlds. They believed that the divine spoke to them during sleep in symbols. How the people interpreted these symbols created the map for their lives’ journey. 

Do you pay attention to your dreams? They are the most common ways that the universe will communicate with you. Keep a notepad by your bedside, and write down anything you remember about a dream. In the morning, review your notes and look for symbols that correspond with situations in your life. Make a whole section in your life journal for dreams. Not every dream holds significant meaning, but many do with careful analysis, especially as dreams help us interpret and process our daily thoughts, feelings, and events.

4. There are no coincidences.

How many times have you chalked up obvious signs from the universe as just coincidence? For example, have you thought about a friend you have not heard from in years, and you get a call from her that day? What about the times that you were struggling with a project at work, and you saw something or talked to someone who inspires you with the solution? Is it a coincidence? Likely not. We and everything in our world is connected in complex ways, small and large. The universe will give you sublime clues if you accept them. They might not all be immediately life-changing, but they are often substantial enough to help guide you throughout your daily life. 

5. Keep an open heart and a willing mind.

Often, the universe offers us answers, and we do not want to accept them. Have you lost opportunities in your life because you were afraid to trust your gut instincts? What we call “instinct” or “intuition” may be signs that the universe gives us at certain junctures of life. 

Look at some of the goals in your life journal. Are you procrastinating on your dreams, because you think someone will laugh or you might fail? Keep your heart and mind open to universal advice—whether you understand it or not. These signs may be what you need to realize your goals and make sound decisions that help you live peacefully (and to your maximum potential).

Receiving signs from the universe requires all your senses. You do not have to be an overly spiritual individual to benefit from them. With a little practice and an intuitive mind and spirit, you will find that the universe has been talking to you all along. Listen with your heart and discover your true destiny. 

Guest Post by: 
McKenzie Brower is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for H & H Sign Supply
All photos were shot in Taiwan, by yours truly. :) 

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