Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

Every woman feels nervous when she is about to pee on that stick. And when you wish to embrace the motherhood, it may be difficult to d...

Every woman feels nervous when she is about to pee on that stick. And when you wish to embrace the motherhood, it may be difficult to decide whether to go for the test or wait a little longer to get the positive results. A careful understanding is required to decide when to resist and when the right time to take the test is. Here is everything you need to know about the pregnancy test:

The Best Time to Take a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test kits are designed to detect levels of hCG in your body if you are pregnant. The perfect time to go for a pregnancy test is after your period is late. This will not only help you to avoid false pregnancies but also rule out a case of false positives of very early miscarriages. 

If you do not track your cycles or there is any irregularity in your cycles, it is recommended not to take the test until you have completed the longest menstrual cycle you usually have. For example: If your cycle ranges from 28 to 34 days, it is best to take the test on day 35 or later. 

There may be cases wherein you may receive positive result if you test earlier but most likely end up with an inaccurate result or it may not develop into a true pregnancy due to the incidence of spontaneous miscarriage. So timing is crucial.

Pregnancy Test During Your Period

Your anxiety is completely justified when you have to take a test during your period. You might be thinking taking test during menstruation will skew the results of your test.  So the good news is that the period does not interfere with the accuracy of the result.  Pregnancy hormones are different from the hormones that control menses.  

A pregnancy test can detect HCG level only if a successful implantation has occurred and you are pregnant.  Within 2 weeks after conception, there are enough of these hormones to show up in the urine. However, if you are experiencing any symptoms which you are not sure about, consult your doctor.

In other words, it is a yes. You can take a pregnancy test while having vaginal bleeding and get accurate results. 

Accuracy of the Pregnancy Test

If the result is positive, the test is right. There would be no hCG in your body at all if you are not pregnant.  

That said, sometimes there are chances of a false positive result due to some circumstances such as a  miscarriage/abortion in the past eight week or taking any fertility drug containing hCG. These are the exceptions which allowed hormones to show up in the urine.

There is a chance that you are pregnant and the test is negative. One of the most important factors that could affect the result is when you take the test. So it is better to wait a little longer to get the accurate result.

Whatever might be the case, it is always advisable to make an appointment with your doctor to be sure. Although a home pregnancy test takes you to an exciting early expedition to the motherhood.

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