Photo Diary: Why Coron Palawan Is Your Ultimate Getaway

It was a perfect timing to check airfare rates during labor day. I screamed inside when I found out that there's a seat sale for my ...

It was a perfect timing to check airfare rates during labor day. I screamed inside when I found out that there's a seat sale for my dream destination: Busuanga, Palawan. I hurriedly message my friends in in our group chat to check it out and book as well. So lucky to have friends who are always game for spontaneous booking. They are none other than (we don't have a name of our clique), but we started our yearly trip when we went to APO Island in Dumaguete and a short stay in Boracay Island - Rod, Carissa and Neil!

Rod and I will be coming from Manila while Carissa and Neil will be coming from Cebu (Thank goodness for a direct flight from Cebu to Busuanga). Some days of our trip are chill and only DIY, but we should never miss the Ultimate Islands Tour in Coron that we booked on the day of my birthday. YAY! (timing lang guys!) 

Low season is the best to go to the island just like when I visited El Nido and Puerto Princesa. Perfect for a few tourists and activities that you would like to do:

Food Trip

Okay, not a good start. Most of the time we didn't take photos before eating because we were starving from our activities in town.

Cozy Cafes for Coffee

I love this set of friends because they are all coffee lover. Believe it or not, but my friends love to drink americano without sugar and cream. YES. We can be all hyper and make fun of each other just like when you're drunk because of drinking alcohol. Read Issa's post about 3 Cozy Cafes to visit when in Coron

Staycation - Swimming Pool

We stayed in  R & R Bayview Inn located in Poblacion that is perfect to walk around the area. Unfortunately, we didn't like the room booked by the travel agency who arranged my previous trips and we decided transferred to a family room since we didn't want to ruin our vacation.

Coron Ultimate Island Hopping

The highlight of our trip is the ultimate island hopping tour. 

CYC Beach

Skeleton Ship Wreck

We stop over in an island for lunch.

Twin Lagoon

Kayangan Lake

Coron Town Tour

Part of our trip is the Coron town tour, but you can just go explore in town on your own. If you don't want the hassle and would like someone to guide you, then book for it.

Souvenir Shop

Lualhati Park 

This is where you can view the sunset without going up to Mt. Tapyas


Mt. Tapyas

Maquinit Hot Spring

We ended our tour with a very relaxing dip in hot spring.

Do Your Own Thing! 

Even if we visit the town together, we still managed to have our "me" time. Which is good because we all have different things that we would like to explore that was no need to argue or decide if we will all do it or not. So here are the things that we did alone:

Issa and Neil went to Mt. Tapyas by themselves and witnessed the beautiful sunset.

Rod went to Calauit Island because he wanted to deal with animals. 
Read his blog: www.spotaleopard.com

I rented a motorbike for PHP300 for 5 hours and explore some beaches in town. 

Went to Kabo Beach
It was raining that day, so I enjoyed the place alone.

Watch our whole trip here:

What are your plans this summer?

Have a great day everyone!

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