Photo Diary: One Summer Sunset in La Union

They said, "say YES to new adventures!" So I did. I am not spontaneous, guys! I AM NOT.  When my friend Sai invited me ...

They said, "say YES to new adventures!" So I did. I am not spontaneous, guys! I AM NOT. 

When my friend Sai invited me to go to La Union, I knew it was my chance to visit the town. La Union has always been on my to go to list. After I went to Siargao Island and Baler to surf, I told myself that my next stop will be La Union. That was like two or three years ago! I always questioned myself, how come I couldn't visit the place? HAHAHA

Road Trip Session

So I hopped in the car with Vince our driver and the owner of the car (yes, thank you!), Mac the front passenger entertained Vince during the trip then Sai and I sleeping in the back. They went for a night out together when Vince and Mac decided to join us to La Union. Oh well, I guess they are more spontaneous than me.

We stopped over in San Juan, La Union before going to our accommodation through Airbnb.

Villa in Bacnotan, La Union

Our Airbnb is 10 minutes away from the surfing spot. 10 minutes driving guys! But look at these beautiful interior designs/ I can say this is perfect for big groups for an outing. 

Feels like in Bali!

There are other rooms with common bathroom. but beach front!

Surfing Spot in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

After we rest from long drive (naks! akala mo nag drived) We went to the surfing spot to check the crowd and the sunset! Since it's summer, it was crowded and full pack of people surfing, swimming, drinking and chillin. 

Vince, Sai and Mac

When you have to deal with the beer.


Sunset Session, Elyu version

Finally, I witnessed the sunset. Awww such a lovely view. 

Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel Bar

After our dinner, we had a bonfire at the villa's beachfront. It was so cool and fun. I was the stranger in that group. Well, I didn't have a hard time dealing with them since they were all friendly. We ended our drinking session by the beach at almost three in the morning. 


Coffee by the Beach

I woke up early to see the beach and do my thing: drinking coffee while enjoying the cool breeze. So cool!

Tadaaah! I met this cute puppy at the villa.

After we checked out, we decided to separate with the other group and had our lunch with a good view and good food near the surfing spot. 

We went back to Manila feeling refreshed. It was a great short trip. I will be back to La Union during the off season so I can enjoy the beach and maybe I'll try the surfing too. My first trip in this town with first the people turned out friends I met for the first time. Definitely one for the books!

 What is your latest adventure? 

Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. What an incredible experience! I love all of the bright colours in the house and of course, the beach pictures. Definitely looks like you are enjoying the season :)


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