Go Local - Trip in Hondagua Quezon Province

There were series of long weekends and sad to say I had no plans to visit home in Cebu, so when my friend Rams the guy behind Lalaking ...

There were series of long weekends and sad to say I had no plans to visit home in Cebu, so when my friend Rams the guy behind Lalaking Gala blog, invited me to visit his hometown in Quezon Province, I said, G! (Go, because you know the millennial term).

We left Manila at 2AM of Saturday and arrived Lucena Grand Terminal at 6AM. Then we waited for a bus going to Calauag. That was more or less three hours ride! We had stopovers that took so long. We arrived in the town at lunchtime. So we decided to eat before going to our "spontaneous" or DIY trip.

The original plan was to go to this I forgot the name of the island, but Rams didn't do his assignment of searching how to get there, the travel time and where exactly we will ride a boat to go there. So we had a second option. We went to Lopez, Quezon and rented a small boat going to Hondagua, Quezon.

Mode of transportation: Trolly 
(I forgot what is the term of their cart) 

Road Map!
From DLTB Bus Terminal to Lucena Quezon to other four towns in the province for 24hrs!

Hondagua, Quezon

It was a success! we had the beach exclusively to all of us. We were also with Rams friend. We paid PHP400 for the boat for just three to four hours.

I don't drink beer, but this is the only drink available in town. So I had two bottles.

I started to feel like there's something wrong, maybe because I had lack of sleep because our travel time. 

We stopped by this old PNR Train Station in Quezon. Sad to say it's no longer operating. I wish the Philippines have this kind of transportation just like in other countries. So it would be easier for all of the Filipinos to travel going to city and provinces. Ok, I will end it here. Imagine the less travel time right? Ok, I will stop na. 

After our beach trip, we went to Plaridel, Quezon for more or less one hour bus ride from Lopez Quezon. While I was in the bus, I gave in, I vomit because I was really not feeling well. I suspected that it was because I drank two bottle of beers. 

We were homestay at Joel Bertumen's humble abode, childhood friend of Rams with Josh and Brian. They are known as freelance make up artists in town. 

Thank you Joel for letting us staying in your home! 

The next day, I have to packed my bag because I will go back to Manila after we strolled in Gumaca Quezon. They have an on going preparation for their upcoming Fiesta. I wish I witness their celebration, maybe next time. 

Bye, Plaridel, until next time!

Gumaca Quezon

So I went to 5 towns in Quezon for a day! WOW! 

It was a long weekend because of the barangay election. I went back to Manila on Sunday night alone. It was fun. I slept like a baby so I missed my stop which is just in front of my place. HAHAHA

Until the next "Go Local" trip here on my blog.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Take me heeeere!! it's so nice!

  2. Such a lovely trip and... amazing pictures!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. Waah, I've never been to Quezon. Been planning to visit for the longest time.

    Looks like you had a blast, Jool! :)


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