Plot Twist: Life Lately and On Being Top 3 in Philippines Photography Blog

It's the time of the year when I have to contemplate about what's going on with my life lately. How I've been dealing with ...

It's the time of the year when I have to contemplate about what's going on with my life lately. How I've been dealing with different kinds of issues, but still being kind to people and to the universe. I am always like this - when nothing feels right, go left. Uhm, but this time, I have to face them all and deal with it until IDGAF. 

On Personal Goals

We all have personal goals that we would like to achieve and as much as we planned it out ahead of time, there are some challenges that you have to deal with and distracts you that will make you feel like unmotivated. I've been living on pushing myself to work harder and I came to the point that I need to learn to chill and slow down sometimes to make sure that things are working on according to your plans. 

On Making Decision

Living solo for the past 2 years in the city makes me feel like I AM AN ADULT and I own it. Deciding on small things to big things such as having Lasik Surgery at Shinagawa Clinic was really a life-changing for me. If I didn't do it, I think, up until now I am still thinking when I will be doing that surgery and seriously I hate having "what ifs" in life. I will share FAQs I received after I posted my experienced of my LASIK surgery on my YouTube channel - Happy 3rd month HD vision. 

On Doing What You Love

I am not always updated here on my blog compared to my previous years. I came to the point that I want to keep my experiences private and just post at least five photos on my Instagram account with some on-point captions, but blogging is always been part of me, I love doing it online since 2006. Sharing experiences with my readers through my photo diaries is a good feeling and can be a good inspiration for them to travel when they have time. 

Recognizing my blog since 2014 as a Best Cebu Photo Blog up to now being on Top 3 out of Top 10 Philippines Photography Blogs is an achievement for someone who shared little information on the internet. I am happy that you are here reading this plot twist (personal post) because that means, you're curious. HAHA! 

Top: Uniqlo | Pants: H&M

Plot Twist

It is okay if you did today is (just) to survive. It is alright also to express how you feel and It is time to stand for what is right. Always see the good in every bad situation and when you can't take it anymore. You decide. HAHA 


Have a great day everyone!

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