VLOG and Photo Diary: Pubcrawl Experience in Seoul South Korea

I went on a solo trip to South Korea last October. It was just a short trip that I regret after. I should have added one extra day to ...

I went on a solo trip to South Korea last October. It was just a short trip that I regret after. I should have added one extra day to stay in the country. HAHAHA 

I wanted to explore the nightlife that Seoul has to offer. To be able to experience that I have to look for the spots and perfect location. I had no time, let's get real here. I have work after work. So I tried to search about Pubcrawl activity in Hongdae. After booking my Airbnb in Hongdae, I found this activity in Airbnb experience listing and it was nearby! Spell PERFECT! 

The activity will take 5.5 hours and the hosts are good English speakers so there was no miscommunication and you will really have fun. 

Meet Up Place

Our meet up was in RetroGameBar it was a themed after popular video games. When I arrived and meet the host and the other participants, I had a drink and played some of the games. So nostalgic. 

I met this solo traveler from California. IDK why she was laughing here. I guess I was telling her some jokes. 

Hongdae Park / Playground

After we are all completed we proceed to the next stop which is a park nearby. It is a children's playground and at night the crowd has a different vibe. Everyone can bring their drinks and chill at the park. That's what we did. We had our soju and rice wine for drinks. I tried it also in mixed and I was caught on cam. There you go.

It was weird that I was grouped with fellow Filipinos who have also joined the activity. I love talking to other nationality and excited to hear their stories. Here are the ladies that I met they are in one group. Looks like I belong. 

One group shot before going to the next bar.

Bar Hopping

For some reasons, I have no photos where we went. My goal that night was just to have fun! I checked my phone for photos the next day, but I just have a few photos. I don't know why I wasn't smiling in this photo. Soju and rice wine was kicking in. I only remember Ms. California and Danica. 

with Bo

The only decent groupie I have on my phone. I guess we were all having fun here and being comfy with each other. 

Another group photo outside the bar before going to the last club in Hongdae.

With Bo again, he said that we are on our 4th club that night. Watch the VLOG below. 

With homegirl, Danica! 

Overall Feels

It was a great night out. I really enjoyed it as it was my goal. This is a safe activity for a solo female traveler like me. But please be responsible when it comes to drinking since you will go home alone. Make sure to book the right activity and read the reviews first before booking. I booked mine in Airbnb Experience here. If you are looking for affordable accommodation in Seoul you can book via Airbnb and sign up using my link https://www.airbnb.com/c/jdelgado417?currency=PHP get a discount on your first booking!

Watch my 60 seconds VLOG 
about my Pubcrawl experience in Seoul South Korea! 

My 72 hours in Seoul, South Korea blog post soon! 

(photos from the host)

Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. It's okay that you didn't take a ton of pictures! Sometimes, just being in the moment is what matters most. I loved reading about your experience!


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