Travel Diary and VLOG: Year End Trip in Bantayan Island Cebu

As the year 2019 comes to an end we were all busy with work, the holiday spirit possessed me and my friends by thinking of something t...

As the year 2019 comes to an end we were all busy with work, the holiday spirit possessed me and my friends by thinking of something that we could do together before we will have our holiday break with our families.

It was a good morning conversation in our group chat when we all decided to go to Bantayan Island in Cebu to have our year-end trip for five days! Sounds like we were tired of North Luzon beach getaway for just over a weekend.

So we booked our flights that day and accommodation. I was excited because my friends from Manila will be going to Cebu once again and some are first-timer to visit the island.

Hagnaya Port - Ferry Ride

Kota Beach Resort

This resort became popular when it was the location shoot for the movie "Camp Sawi" also known as "where do broken hearts go camp" but then we are not heartbroken, actually not all. So the resort decided to removed the Camp Sawi signage at their entrance to refrain non-guests to flocked in and have photoshoot a few years ago.

We booked two rooms.

Motorcycle Rental

We rented a motorbike for PHP300/day as our transport around the town. Joy is a local from Bantayan Island and hasn't been home for a long time since she became based in Manila for work. It was so refreshing for her to be at home and embraced being an island girl once again.

Virgin Island in Bantayan

It was 2013 when the last time I stepped in this island when there were no enough cottages, no stores to buy your drinks and food and other cliff diving spots to jump off with. So when I went there, the island is more on the touristy feels and no longer virgin for me because of the new photo opts spots, tables and cottages, toilets, stores and entrance fee that you have to pay once you entered the island.

The Ruins

It was my first time to visit this spot because whenever I visit Bantayan Island, I just stayed at the beach because that's what we came for after five hours of travel. So it was a good side trip to sight when you on a road trip with friends.

Mangrove Farm

We spent our sunset session in this area where it was quiet and scary because of the mangroves. It was a great location for some photo opts too because Camp Sawi signage is there! HAHA

And there is also a Camp Wagi signage which means you are a "winner!" for all aspects of your life.

Here's the VLOG of our trip. Thanks to Quinan for the video! Keep it up!

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