Stay At Home Quarantine Workouts

How are you all doing? A common question that we are all asking even before this global pandemic. Today is Day 63 of our "stay at home&...

How are you all doing? A common question that we are all asking even before this global pandemic.

Today is Day 63 of our "stay at home" - we call it Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ with limited movement in the outside world. Now we are in Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine here in Metro Manila there will be little movements outside world such as going back to work, mall operations and other businesses that are on the government's list. 

Everything stopped. EVERYTHING. But we have to live inside our home. To be honest, I thought I can do a daily blog about what I did in a day, but nope! I realized that being in my home is not a new thing to me, as I work from home for a year now. Except that I can't go to places or at least have lunch or coffee in my favorite restaurant on a weekend. 

Mental Health

As much as I would like to read news from the first two weeks since we got hit by this Covid19 virus. I lessen watching the news - I only watch the news in the morning at 6AM - CNN Philippines - New Day through their Facebook live. It is only thirty minutes of news and updates on what's going on in our country. 

What I also do which I have to do since I can't go out for a walk is that exercises! Good for mental health too.  So after I work, I take a nap and then workout. 

Here are my stay at home quarantine workouts I do in the afternoon. These are so quick and only will take a little of your time every day. 

Abs Workout

Arm Workouts 


Belly Fats Workouts


Full-Body Workouts


I love Lucy Wyndham Read home workout videos! They are short, but targeted and effective! I have no workout equipments at home so these workouts are perfect for me. You can also check her youtube channel for more workout videos. 

Don't just say you JUST 7 minutes. Take out JUST in your vocabulary. 


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