Here’s how to easily transfer Ovo to Gopay: IDLIX
Here’s how to easily transfer Ovo to Gopay: IDLIX

Here’s how to easily transfer Ovo to Gopay: IDLIX

In this article you will discuss how to move ovo to gopay easily, where there are many things you need to pay attention to.

In addition, using an electronic wallet, there are usually also many attractive offers such as discounts or promotions compared to the use of cash.  Of course, many people today turn to using electronic wallets instead of cash.

Not only does it make it easier for users to handle, you also don’t have to bother filling in a thick wallet just to pay for groceries. As for just carrying a smartphone or debit card, shopping becomes easier and more convenient. So, learn how to renew gopay’s next ovo balance correctly.

Find out what an e-wallet is

Please note that e-wallets are a useful service to help store payment  tool  data  or known as today’s alternative payment tool.   Almost all shopping malls and restaurants implement this electronic payment system.

In addition to making it easier for consumers to pay, this method is very effective because it can enjoy high security. Therefore, you don’t need to store a lot of money in the cashier’s drawer.

With this digital or electronic wallet, just use cards and electronic funds to hold money and make transactions.  For its own use, it can make it easier for users to deal without money.

As is known, in Indonesia itself there are already several types of electronic wallets that are widely used by the public such as OVO Cash, Tcash, GO-PAY, DANA and others. In this article, how to move Ovo to Gopay  will be discussed easily.

This same e-wallet is used under the auspices of the Bank of Indonesia so it is widely used daily. Each of these electronic wallets certainly has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. Many things you can  get from online wallets such as discounts, online promotions, etc.

How to move OVO to Gopay you need to know

When it comes to transferring your Ovo balance to Gopay, there are some things you need  to know. As for Ovo and Gopay accounts, you should check the status of both to make it easier for you when you want to make a balance transfer.  The method itself is very easy and not too difficult for you as a user.

If it’s not verified, you need toupgrade your account first. The same method is  very easy, all it takes is to upload an ID card photo with a selfie while carrying an ID card.  Next,  your Ovo Cash  funds will be able to transfer to Gopay. Here’s how to transfer Ovo to Gopay to consider, including:

  1. Open and turn on the OVO app on your smartphone.
  2. Then click the “Move” button.
  3. After that, please enter the nominal funds you want to transfer.
  4. Klik on the Permata Bank option.
  5. PThere is a next process, fill out the destination account number to be convert   897085725678 ed.
  6. After that, press the “Move” button.
  7. Then press the “Confirm” button.
  8. When you’re done, wait a few minutes for a pop-up notification message to appear on your phone screen stating the transaction is successful.

If a pop-up notification appears indicating thesuccess of the process, automatically deduct the balance in your account.  Next, the recipient only needs to check whether the balance in the Gopay account has been signed in. If it is not delivered, users should immediately contact  the OVO call center.

How to convert Ovo to Gopay is actually relatively easy and anti-complex, so that you can make good use of electronic wallets without having to withdraw cash via ATMs. What’s more, in this modern era there are already many electronic payment systems available in every shopping mall, and so on.

Some provisions in the money-sending process

Based on the procedures for transferring Ovo to Gopay above, there are many provisions in the money sending process that also need to be considered.

During the transaction process, the time given is usually very short and can be less than 1 minute. In addition, in the balance transfer process there is usuallyat least Rs. 100,000 valid for allyour banks or accounts .

Therefore, bagi Kamu, who has a balance of less than Rs. 10,000, cannot make balance transfers.  You need to fill the balance first so the transaction can be made immediately. Either through mobile banking or ATMs, you can easily fill your balance, even GoPay.

Please note thatthe Ovo app has imposed a minimum transfer of only Rs. 10,000, soyour balance should be  sufficient. Not only that, but there is also a transfer fee charged Rs. 2,500 per transaction.

You also need tahu if you can’t convert the Ovo point in your account.     So, many people make payments using Ovo Cash for cashback at Ovo Point.

The O vo point cannot be converted to Gopay because this is a bonus or cashback that is usually offered after payment is made via Ovo Cash. Typically, the amount of Ovo points obtained also depends on the promotions available.

If you want to pay for groceries using Ovo point, but the balance is lower, you can add to it with the help of Ovo Cash. So it can be concluded that  the way Ovo is transferred to Gopay is actually very easy, but it does not apply to Ovo Point transfers.

How long does it take to transfer Ovo balance and cost?

As  is known, there has beenan effective change  since January 2020, with OVO starting  to charge  a transfer fee to the bank of Rs. 2,500 per transaction.  If they were in the past, they offered a free transfer 10 times to any bank without a minimum balance.

Although there are currently conversion fees  per transaction, these transfer fees are relatively cheap when compared to traditional banks, which are Rs. 6,500. In addition to  the way Ovo is transferred to Gopay and is relatively easy, transportation fees are also affordable.

In addition, the mode of transfer to Gopay itself is very easy, ashanding out p roses to Gopay is very short until less than 1 minute. Don’tworry if you use this app to carry out transactions or transfers between different banks.

If you still have a lot of credit on your Ovo account, but want to shop with Gopay, don’t worry. Based on the above information, on how to transfer Ovo to Gopay  , it’s expected to help you not confuse anymore if you want to shop when gopay credit is empty.

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