Day Trip at Camaya Coast Beach Resort Mariveles Bataan

Being spontaneous is one of the characters that my friends know about me. So when I was thinking about summer or a short get away from...

Being spontaneous is one of the characters that my friends know about me. So when I was thinking about summer or a short get away from being stressed from work, I typed in beach resorts near Manila and I stumbled upon this website of Camaya Coast. Believe me, there was a song of miracle playing in the background while my eyes were in heart-shaped and rainbow coming out from my mouth drooling to go to this place even just for a day trip. 

So, to have a great trip and I don't want to go solo, I invited my friend Rod (you know, he can't say no for this kind of place too!) With no bargain on dates and other unnecessary discussions, he said yes and we paid our reservation right away! 

How To Get There

One important factor why I fell in love with the place right away is that the travel hours are less and hassle for us. We booked it via ferry provided by the beach resort. The ferry ride will only last for 2 hours going to Mariveles, Bataan. The set up is like Ocean Jet Ferry when you already experienced going to Bohol from Cebu and vice versa. 

The terminal of the ferry is at Esplanade Ferry Terminal in Mall of Asia. We went there as early as 3AM because of the fun run event that blocked the roads going there to avoid being late. (Okay, not really a good info to share.) 

Day Trip Schedule

They have two options for the tour 1) 6AM to 2PM and 2) 12:30PM to 8:30PM Well, I liked to go for the afternoon trip for the sunset session, but Rod said it would be great to have good lighting of photos in the morning. Cmon guys, photo opts is lifer! So I agreed. 

When We Arrived

There are plenty of tables that you can choose to leave your things or to stay for day tour tourists. But we hate crowd and people so we choose a different spot where we can leave our things (hmm, I can say it is safe there) but if you have issues with leaving your valuable items there, then you can rent a locker room (yes, they do have it for PHP50) But we choose not to because we trust the staff and people there. 


There are other activities in the resort. We rented bikes to tour the place, but we just lasted for less than 20 minutes because of the weather it was hot and we feel like there were no other interesting spots to take photo opts. HAHAHA 

The Beach

Oh geeezz, we love the white sand and the beach! If we could only stay there for hours under the sun we will, but we also have to take care of our skin since summer was approaching that time. We wanted to try their inflatable slides there, but there were no life jackets available. So we didn't mind. We were having fun swimming anyways. 

The Swimming Pool

The place has an infinity pool that obviously all the guests where. So we decided not to go there and instead enjoy the pool at the back of the hotel exclusive for the checked in guests, but hello? we're also guests but not checked in. HAHAHA 

I heard that it is hard to book a room in the resort, so hard that you have to book in advance or contact an agent who can arrange the trip for you. 


There are restaurants in the resort that you can also find in the city. HAHA So we choose to eat in Figaro since we were both looking for coffee and good food. We didn't have any breakfast that day and we were tired from swimming, so we had all day breakfast in their menu that was so good. 

No Signal

There was no signal of LTE in the area which is great if you want to relax and just enjoy the beach. When we were there it feels like time was so slow and enjoyed the view that we didn't want to leave the place and stay ta here for a couple of days. You will end up hugging a coconut tree! HAHAHA

Going Home

It was exactly 2PM when we embarked the ferry with the same guests, it was a good short trip that we needed to have a break from city life and work. I will definitely back again and experience the resort in the afternoon until evening. 


I heard they have promo rate when you booked your trip via metrodeal, but I advised you to book it through their website: http://www.camayacoast.com/book and w paid for PHP1,299/each without food still cheap and worth it.

Until next photo diary! 
Have a great day everyone!

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